Get Your Battlefield 4 Questions Answered

IGN - What do you want to know about DICE's next killer shooter? Hit us with your questions.

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NobleRed2283d ago

I want to know the framerates and the resolution for next gen consoles.

OneAboveAll2283d ago

Already been stated the BF4 is running at 60fps on next-gen.

I want to assume 1080p though.

Kleptic2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

confirmed 720p @ 60fps on both PS4 and Xbox one...

720p @ 30fps, with reduced player count (back down to 24) on PS3 and xbox 360...

yep, totally sucks imo too...and since AMD is giving the game away for free with 7970 gpu's (as well as a few others last i read) this fall...its PC this time for me, no question...I recently built a PC and purposely skipped a gpu in anticipation for what happens with BF4...

so i'll get my ps4 a little later it seems...over 1k hours on bf3 for ps3...and loved it, but not doing it again...if they could've squeezed 1080p at 60hz, i'd be fine regardless of if it keeps the same detail to PC settings on ultra or whatever...but rushing to grab a 'next gen' console to play yet another shooter at less than full HD is something i'm simply not going to do...

i seriously hope this is just launch title hiccups that will go away shortly in to 2014 haha...

Akuma2K2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I want to know if Battleships and Submarines will be confirmed and of course a Naval Superiority mode.

Vasilis982283d ago

I want to know what resolution and settings(low,medium,high or ultra)on consoles

BaronVonRhett2283d ago

Someone's got to ask. DINO MODE???