Can early pre order sales make Activision forge exclusive PS4 Call of Duty deals?

Call of Duty has been by far the most profitable franchise of the current generation. Even though the lastest version of the game hasn't sold as much as past iterations, the sales are still far more than any other games sold this generation thus far. Love it or hate it, you'd be hard pressed to find a more popular franchise during this current system cycle.

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user74029311942d ago

well since multiplatform games have way more preorders on ps4,(it will be the go to console for multiplats) it seems cod could bring exclusive dlc to ps4. but honestly I don't care for it.

PSVita1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

This article is reaching a little too much..

MWong1942d ago

Agreed, this article is reaching just a little. Unless Sony agrees to pay for content, I don't think Activision will publish DLC on the PS4 first. M$ didn't just release DLC on XB360 due to their sales, they paid for time exclusive DLC.

CalibriSerif1942d ago

even if they want to, i dont think they can because they are currently tied-up to a contract with microsoft.

Bigpappy1942d ago

You guys are talking like it is a done deal. There are still a lot of cards left to be played.

Celebrate with caution.

sincitysir11942d ago

That's what I have been doing! I'm in my little corner with my little party hat and tiny tiny streamer and I whisper "woo yay Sony." A super whisper. .00001 decibels kind of whisper. I just don't want to get over exited and end up disappointed

SpinalRemains1381942d ago

There's nothing more reliable than a company whose loyalty can be bought for
hard cash.

tarbis1942d ago

pre-order deals like alternate dog breed? Choose from chihuahua, chow chow, dachshund or siberian husky?

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