If You Ever Wanted To Be An Apprentice Superhero, This Game Is For You

Kotaku - Doug Panter from Little Orbit came by to play through their new game, Young Justice: Legacy. Check out this video where he shows off some of the gameplay and explains how this game fits into the Young Justice universe.

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The Meerkat1942d ago

A stand alone expansion to Injustice with the Young Justice characters would have been better.

This looks terrible.

addictedtochaos1942d ago

Reminds me of X-Men Legends

Shinobi1001942d ago

Little Orbit is one of the good guys in the industry. Don't bash em. They exclusively do licensed games, but unlike 99% of other studios, they put some effort in. You're not gonna get Arkham City quality games, because Orbit is a small studio with limited funds. What you WILL get is entertaining games that are well programmed. And that's all you can ask for when you wanna play as your favorite hero...or Young hero