Kotaku - Everything I Want To Do In GTA Online Doesn't Involve Crime

Kotaku - I love open world games. But nine times out of ten, the things I love to do in them don't involve the main premise of the game.

I got the most fun out of Forza Horizon by pretending I was Ryan Gosling. Assassin's Creed III really shined when I stopped the following the missions and just climbed trees.

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Staypuftafroman2287d ago

Agreed!! Its practically a crime NOT to commit crime in the GTA universe.

Cam9772287d ago

Same here!
I want to play taxi driver, tourist, dustbin man and the like!
Roleplay central, here I come! F with me and I'll hire a hitman on your ass.
I'm not being stopped by some noob in a jet whilst on my daily taxi route.

NewDilemma2287d ago

i'm so dropping a bomb on you!

Cam9772287d ago

I plan to make megabucks and whoever dares to mess with me will receive a hitman every day.

Psychotica2287d ago

I am going to enjoy the single player more I think. I really enjoy exploring and starting shit with the cops, hopefully the police will be harder to escape from.

dcj05242287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I am the police. And check under you're car. That's a sticky bomb. I wouldn't go anhwhere if I was you. You can always bribe me of course. For $10, 000.

BattleTorn2287d ago

Intially I was very angry they delayed online untill October. Mostly due to having booked a week off work for launch.
Well, I went and booked another week off for the online's launch. :D