Gamespot- Gone Home Review

GS:With excellent writing and remarkable attention to period detail, Gone Home turns the process of exploring a house into a captivating and deeply poignant journey of discovery.

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MacDonagh2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Uh. Was there a problem with the video upload? I saw some screen-tearing with it and I'm wondering if it's the game or the video itself? Not saying that the rating isn't representative of the game's quality. I like games that can express good stories.

OhMyGandhi2280d ago

I need to get this game.
this game and "Among the Sleep" have held my interest right from the onset.
the overall atmosphere sort of reminds me a bit of Dear Esther.

joab7772280d ago

Ditto. I will love this. Its great that some games don't try to be AAA and fall into the trap of adding gameplay that isn't needed in order to sell more copies. Cant wait!!!