Global Weekly Chart, Ending 3rd Aug 2013

Worldwide Hardware:

1: 3DS - 158,702 (+9%)
2: PS3 - 116,755 (0%)
3: X360 - 78,590 (-3%)
4: PSP - 43,297 (-5%)
5: PSV - 34,990 (-7%)
6: WiiU - 29,616 (-7%)
7: Wii - 24,840 (-0%)
8: DS - 9,539 (-4%)

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PSNintyGamer2290d ago

Good Sales for 3ds all around

PS3 and Xbox doing pretty good too.

black0o2290d ago

i cant wait to see this charts been owned by ps4

memots2289d ago

you can't wait?

What so exciting about sales? You work for sony or something ...

user74029312289d ago

its going to happen, i'll bet my house on it.

black0o2289d ago

no but whens PS4 become the new ps2 the amount of great exclusive will peek just like the ps2 and the dev will focus more on the quality we'll see dev try more crazier ideas

so yes i'll be happy to see once again PayStation dominating

Godz Kastro2289d ago ShowReplies(1)
2289d ago
Godz Kastro2289d ago


I disagree, This gen will see online communities carrying over. Friends buying systems because their clans or friends are getting it. I wouldn't be surprised if this gen ends up exactly like the last.

Hicken2289d ago

If preorder and polling numbers are anything to go by- and they're a good early indicator, if nothing else- then people's friends and clans have chosen PS4.

I'd assume you'd home the new gen DIDN'T end up like this one. That would be bad for Microsoft, as they've done nothing but go backwards since the start of gen 7, and they're gonna start off in the hole in gen 8.

bjmartynhak2289d ago

I have to disagree, most people don't have their friends on their consoles.

Just see the number of 360 consoles sold/number of Live accounts.
Most people are casuals that play SP only, and even some people that play MP, like me, don't add anyone.

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DEEBO2290d ago

now these are the really important numbers.worldwide not just one region.and this is why MS will never win a console worldwide support.

NegativeCreepWA2290d ago

They don't need to win to stay in the game. They over tripled their fanbase this gen, that alone is a win.

memots2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Not with all the broken ones. I fix them .. I have 4 sitting here. Only 1 works.

Triple fan base .. if you think its 70m , i would think its more around the 25m.
Just look at software sales and attach rate if you don't believe me.

Whitefire2289d ago

Sales don't carry over, as shown with the PS2 and PS3, your fanbase isn't permanent in this industry.

NegativeCreepWA2289d ago

I've had 3 PS2s and 2 PS3s on top of my 3 360s, what's your point?

A lot of consoles also get sent in for refurbishing, not every one is sold as a new unit.

NegativeCreepWA2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Whitefire, that's actually my point, Sony has sold half as many PS3s than PS2s, while MS has tripled. Who really wins in that scenario?

Eldyraen2289d ago

@Memots: Going by that though still much more even than last gen.

I know several people with multiple PS3s (that work) and attachment rates are pretty even for vast majority of games (given some leeway as still not a perfect system to go by). Its much closer than it was no matter how you look at it although Sony most likely has the lead and for next gen is looking to expand it.

I enjoy both but facts are facts--the gap has narrowed although likely not near as much as either side would care to admit (MS's "gain" or Sony's "loss" of market share).

2289d ago
Oner2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

@ NegativeCreepWA said "They over tripled their fanbase this gen"

First off Source Proof Link specifically citing FANBASE please....oh that's right you can't because what you are saying is FALSE. All Microsoft did was SELL almost triple over their previous console.

Yet when you look at Xbox LIVE! subscriptions it shows Gold accounts are @ +/-25 Million vs +/-80 Million consoles sold...and you know why that is? RROD repurchases, replacements and backup sales as well as software sales and attachment rates (as memots said) not matching up/supporting your "triple fanbase" comment. But that is a rational depiction of which I really don't think you would quite be able to comprehend being a possible explanation. Right?

Also as to your latter comment the PS2 just stopped being sold/made less than a year ago and the PS3 has quite a few years left in it plus it isn't even @ the $200 (or less price point yet). But again ~ that's just too much of a rational explanation to qualify huh?

NegativeCreepWA2289d ago

Sorry I didn't use the word sold, my bad. 25 million live subscribers doesn't prove anything, I know more people that have never used live, than people that have, not every hooks their console up to the internet.

memots2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

"not every hooks their console up to the internet."
Or most of those are not working anymore.

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PSjesus2289d ago

the only reason that MS sold well worldwide is pirate friendly easy to hack console day one,and that's huge in many countries in Europe Asia and ME also PS3 was more expensive with awful ports in the first 2 years
MS was lucky with 360.... but if One is rock solid and RROD free well that bad news for MS because it wont sell well

2289d ago
PSjesus2289d ago

it hacked in 2011 and good luck finding used PS3 with FW 3:55 less than 399$ and is it worth it since you cant play online

DEEBO2289d ago

yeah pirating on the 360 was a plus for MS.but bad for game developers.

HammadTheBeast2290d ago

You won't see Ksar commenting on this article lol.

Godz Kastro2289d ago

This is what people seem to miss. PS lost half its user base this gen. HALF!!!! That is a win in itself. Now this gen gets interesting. I really hope neither dominates so they continue to compete with each other. This equals win for gamers no matter what console you go with.

NegativeCreepWA2289d ago

Shh, no one wants to hear that kind of talk here, GO SONY!!

Minato-Namikaze2289d ago

But arent you comparing 12 years of sales vs 7?

2289d ago
HammadTheBeast2289d ago

Let's not forget the YEAR head start and massive price difference.

DEEBO2289d ago

because of a year headstart.that was the 360 real they are coming out at the same time. MS doesn't stand a chance. hell they are in third place now,with a year lead and RROD replacement 360.all that money and still can't beat a company with money problems. now that's sad.

MysticStrummer2289d ago

"This is what people seem to miss. PS lost half its user base this gen. HALF!!!!"

Sure, if you like bad math.

You're counting 12 years of PS2 sales vs 7 years of PS3 sales.

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GraveLord2289d ago

Always good to see the PS3 dominating. The Last of Us is selling incredibly well. Minecraft needs to die already. Wii U is below Dreamcast levels.

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