Call Of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Gameplay Whiteout

A first look at the Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer map Whiteout gameplay experience.

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aceitman2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

the snow falling just doesn't seem right to me . and can someone answer a ? so will this gen and next gen look the same .

GamerSciz2290d ago

Hard to say considering the reveal and this gameplay is all on the Xbox 360. Wait for the PC build and next-gen. Perhaps at Gamescom.

ohiostatesman2290d ago

I'm excited to see the cool features that Xbox One can only provide like 300K server support.

Allsystemgamer2290d ago


The servers are not going to make a difference. Maybe with lag but that's it.

theEx1Le2290d ago

This is the PC build. Being played with an Xbox One controller.

dazzrazz2290d ago


Since they are building up game around the same old (updated) id tech3 aka Quake 3 engine differences gonna be really minimal, most likely 1080p native resolution, sharper textures and slightly better particle effects but that's it... Anyway this is PC gameplay with xbox controller

Mikeyy2290d ago


Nowhere has MS or IW said that the xbox version is getting dedicated servers.

MS half-lied to you about these 300k servers. Only exclusive games will get dedicated support, which was the exact same case on 360 and ps3.

Ghosts, on 360, ps3, ps4, and XB one will all be P2P, which means they will lag.

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Themba762290d ago

it's been the same game for 10 years.

2290d ago
Ripsta7th2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

why did people disagree w ohiostatemen? he wasnt lying, you Sony fanboys get booty tickled SOO fast xD

"The servers are not going to make a difference. Maybe with lag but that's it." - Isnt LAG everyones complaint?!?

AzaziL2290d ago

Lag is just one of the many complaints but most people are really just tired of playing MW4.x and being sold the same product yearly with little to no change in gameplay other than maps, textures, and a few small tweaks (change of perks, guns, etc).

Consider that this game nets the highest revenue of any game out there yet probably has the lowest budget for development as evident by how much the game progresses from each previous title, it's a literal slap in the face to the consumer that still buys in to this.

Dropdeadll2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Wait all of Xbox1 games are going to have servers? That's pretty big. All everyone does now is complain about lag. The disagrees are defiantly from jealous Sony fanboys and this is coming from a Playstation user lol.

Mikeyy2290d ago

Ghosts isnt getting dedicated servers...

If every single xbox game was getting dedicated servers, they need a HELL of a lot more then 300k.

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GentlemenRUs2290d ago

So a MW3 story map made into a *next-gen* map for CoD...

Can we get a comparison between all the CoD's from 4 to now with multiplayer please! I'm seeing deja-view again...

AzaziL2290d ago

Wow that's some terrible hit box detection at 6:43, crosshair is like a foot or two away from the target and it still gets marked as a hit.

While some may say "it's beta, they're working on it", i doubt that especially since CoD's hit box has always been garbage for years now.

JKelloggs2289d ago

Because it's a shotgun, and it has a huge spread, if you look, he hits him on the outer of the crosshair. Hardly any damage, but still a hit

Master-H2289d ago

I heard it's an alpha build actually, from someone who played it at the event.

Number-Nine2290d ago

this isn't next gen. wheres the snowflake ai?

Npugz72290d ago

Absolutely horrible!! this game is far from Next gen! i was hoping they were going to do something different with this game but once again its the same game same animations same graphics same audio same everything! BF4 will be in my PS4 not this garbage!!

MRMagoo1232290d ago

exactly, imagine what ps4 bf4 will be like open warfare, i really cant wait BF3 kicks CODs arse as it is.

Salooh2289d ago

Why did you hope ?. It was clear even before they reveal the name of the game that they will do the same stuff even in next generation..

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