Call Of Duty Ghosts Octane Multiplayer Map Gameplay

Check out Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer in action with this Octane map video demo.

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aceitman1890d ago

I seriously thought this was 360 gameplay. fooled me.

FantasyStar1890d ago

The beginning of every generation always starts with launch games that don't look too different from the last generation. If this was a year into the next-gen.

JP13691890d ago

FantasyStar- With the amount of money that series makes, Activision could have put more time into the presentation. Especially when you consider that the new consoles each use an architecture similar to that of PCs and that they could have developed with PC in mind, then ported.
I'm assuming this is what DICE has done with BF4 (the use of AMD cards in their demo PCs seems to back my claim) and the results speak for themselves. The game actually looks next gen and absolutely decimates COD in graphics, scale, animation and physics. Activision has no excuse.

FantasyStar1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Activision doesn't care and neither does the great majority of gamers. Console gamers play games to PLAY GAMES. If you want a dick-waving contest over graphics, there's the PC corner right over there. I like a good-looking game as much as anyone else, but I'd much rather have solid framerates and solid gameplay.

Crysis 3 on Medium-High settings already looks good enough to me. Very High settings is orgasmic, but I'm not willing to sacrifice those low-dips in exchange for higher shader/shadow quality.

JP13691890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I'm not just talking about graphics either. The physics and animation of COD are terrible. You're really just making excuses for lazy development, which makes you exactly the kind of person that gives publishers license to take gamers for granted by releasing re-skinned versions of games. So f*** you for that.
By the way, BF4 runs at the same frame rate, but manages to do so with 64 players, huge maps, vehicles, dynamic destruction and yes, graphics that make COD look last gen.

Salooh1890d ago
Even though he's playing cod4 on pc or 360 cod4 is still a huge step . The problem is in the developers themselfs. Look at the huge difference between killzone 1 and killzone 2 . Next generation should look and play a lot better then the best last generation games. That's common thing. Ghost look exactly the same as last generation ..

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dcj05241890d ago

Graphics wise looks like bf3 on consoles

ritsuka6661890d ago

Nope,looks better for me.

Dropdeadll1890d ago

What's the point in uploading COD videos to N4G, everyone is just going to bash them lol.

Mikeyy1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

uploader gets 'points' for it.

princejb1341890d ago

Hey look is cod mw3. Ohh wait

MiasmaDodo1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Theres a lot of hate for COD (all from ppl who "never" play it)

This actually reminded me of Medal of Honor and MAG.
Guns seem "slimmer" and Kills seem to be worth 100XP
and not 800000 points a kill.

Looks like it will be really fun

annus1890d ago

I think most of the hate is from people who have played it and grown tired of it being so repetitive.

If someone showed me this and told me it was PC CoD4 with mods I would believe them. It looks like they have changed the sun to have more glare, and put some dust floating around and that's it.

MiasmaDodo1890d ago

Obviously thats why I "" the word never. LoL

Everyone complains and complains, but they will still buy it because its Fast and Fun.

It wont ever win GOTY again. But the game is fun.

thats what games should be...right?

JP13691890d ago

Fast and Fun?

Is that a new movie starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker?

Salooh1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I have all COD games and i have been a huge fan of it until they released black ops when i figured the future of cod will be sucks. I'm still buying ghost for my brothers .Even my brothers getting bored of it , eventually they will stop playing and i feel like it's really soon especially if they are making another black ops game..

Why when you people see someone hate something you guess that we just hate it and never played it.

Action GO FIGURE1890d ago

I feel like I've played this game before.

Salooh1890d ago

I feel like i mastered it even before i play it lol

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