These Grand Theft Auto screenshots are fake - 19 totally false GTA images spawned by the lovable internets

GamesRadar UK writes: "While researching our These Screenshots Are Fake! feature last month, we happened upon a few wonderfully faked GTA shots. Some we'd seen before, some we hadn't. But impersonating Rockstar's megaseries is so popular that, in just a few minutes, we had found a dozen such creations purporting to be everything from the very first GTA IV image to a super-realistic London-based episode.

So, obviously, there was only one thing to do - dedicate an entire feature to them! Just remember - don't believe your eyes. Not even for a second...

We remember this one appearing way back in 2005, claiming to be the first ever shot from GTA IV. Rockstar, of course, shot it down - but only after first releasing a statement of "no comment". Which, of course, only prompted speculation that it was real."

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Alvadr3896d ago

I like the one thats just a photo of a guy in the street with a gun. Made me laugh.

cr33ping_death3896d ago

if theyre fake why even bother posting this?

realistgamer3896d ago

some of them actually look pretty impressive, especially the one with the boat and explosion.