GameSpot: NFL Head Coach 09 Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "With the 2008 NFL Draft almost upon us, football fans are thinking about the future of their teams, and what they might do to turn things around if they were given the power to run their favorite team. The upcoming NFL Head Coach 09--which was recently announced as a pack-in with the 20th anniversary edition of Madden NFL 09--will give fans the chance to live that fantasy. We saw the game earlier in the year at the 2008 NFL Scouting Combine and got a feel for the extensive changes to scouting and player signing as compared to the original NFL Head Coach. Yesterday, we got an updated look at the game, including a look at the actual in-game playcalling for the first time.

As the demo began, the producer guiding us through the game jumped directly into the coach now mode, which will give you instant action on the field. As with the day to day coaching duties that surround the off-season activities, everything you do in an actual game is centered around the clipboard interface. This feature will give you a moment-by-moment recap of your next big decision as coach--be it making a substitution, make adjustments on the field and, of course, calling plays."

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Grown Folks Talk3938d ago

Full seasons online where you actually have to go through the details week to week would be pretty cool IMO. Giants rule of course.