PewDiePie Handpicks This Weeks Humble Bundle

VideoGameNetwork - This week’s Humble Weekly Sale is a curation of five indie games handpicked by YouTube’s PewDiePie!

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SpiralTear1986d ago

Is he really that culturally relevant now? I mean, I know he's the second most subscribed channel on Youtube (next to those Smosh idiots), but I honestly don't see why he should get his own handpicked Humble Bundle.

Also, of course he'd pick Amnesia. Of course.

techologie1986d ago

i agree. They should have had someone more relevant pick them....Maybe Phil Fish.....curious to know what he would pick..

fsfsxii1986d ago

I'm not sure what he does, but his videos get 2 million at the least i think

cellur1111986d ago

How did that idiot get to be the second most subscribed channel on youtube?

annus1986d ago

The money goes towards his own charity so it makes sense that he picks the games.

mixelon1986d ago

Putting the number of subscribers in context, he has more subs than the lifetimes sales of any single game in the Gears Of War, Uncharted or Zelda franchises.. (Covering my bases there, lol)

He obviously appeals to people outside the usual gaming demographics too. I think he has a big positive effect bringing people in and spotlighting indy (usually horror) titles.

Deadpoolio1986d ago

Why is he ever relevant? Like seriously I've tried a couple of times to watch those horrible videos and don't ever make it through more than 4 minutes before it's just so irritating I have to shut it off. I just don't get it

TheGOODKyle1986d ago

His fans are about the same age and worse that justin bieber's fans.

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ShadowL91986d ago

Most subscribed on Youtube now...

Servbot1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Just a few months ago I saw that he had over 7 million subscribers. Now in such a short time it shot up to almost 12 million. I just can't believe it. How are people this shamelessly stupid?

CaptainPunch1986d ago

Can't believe people watch this guy.

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