The Wonderful 101′s New Trailer Features Super Stylized Sentai Action

With The Wonderful 101‘s release just around the corner for Europe and on the horizon for North America, Nintendo revealed another short and sweet gameplay trailer, which features some great fast paced action and the over-the-top Unite Forms.

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Realplaya2712d ago

I can not stress how much I want this game.

chadboban2712d ago

Honestly I'm at my breaking point. This game looks awesome and Pikmin 3 looks awesome. As a matter of fact, Wii U's entire fall lineup looks great. If I get the money, I may very well pick up a Wii U next month.

Canary2712d ago

It certainly does. After that E3 Direct, I went and bought an E3 myself. Fantastic line-up for the next few months, across both Nintendo mainstays.

Probably better than any one platform in the same time period in my opinion, now that Wasteland 2 has been delayed.

Realplaya2712d ago

I think at this point it would be a good buy. The thing is yeah Nintendo dropped the ball by letting third parties go first. They should have stepped it up, set the bar and then let the third parties go next.

2712d ago
jcnba282712d ago

Me too, been playing the demo non-stop!

Aberdasher2712d ago


I also like buying my own E3's.

live2play2712d ago

hahaha xD
im glad someone caught that.