IGN- Gone Home Review

IGN:When Thomas Wolfe wrote "You Can't Go Home Again," the mere idea of Pong would've wrecked his fragile mind. But nearly a century later, Gone Home presents us with a game that both embraces that melancholic notion while simultaneously exploring the roots, secrets, and artifacts of a family that feels as real to me as my own. Stepping foot inside of the Greenbriar home and discovering the things they left behind is a powerful experience. Gone Home is a remarkable achievement, and piecing together its poignant story will stick with me forever.

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NatureOfLogic1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Wow, This game is so interesting. I just finished watching the longest lets play video I've ever watched on youtube of this game and I'm sitting here with this strange feeling, wondering what's next. I'm sad this game is not releasing on consoles so I can play it for myself. This game is a very perfect example of why I'm looking forward to more indie games on consoles next-gen. After reading those reviews and watching that video, I would buy this game without second thought. I'm so jealous I don't get to play it.

starchild1890d ago

I've had my eye on this game for some time. I'm glad that it turned out to be so wonderful. I'm going to go buy it off Steam right now.

WeAreLegion1890d ago

I had no idea this existed. If it's even half as good as To The Moon, I'll be happy.

ATm321889d ago

would buy but $20 is too much :\

gaelic_laoch1889d ago

Looks great, I love games with atmosphere and this seems to have it in spades!