Metroid Prime Trilogy returns to GameStop, buy it for $85

As promised, Metroid Prime Trilogy is back in stock at GameStop.

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Snookies122281d ago

I managed to pick one up at Gamestop a while back used for like 50. Definitely not letting go of that. The Wii controls improve the first two games so much...

-Mika-2281d ago

I still don't understand why people don't just mod their wiis and download it off the internet. I think it stupid for anyone to pay $85 for a game.

DarkBlood2281d ago

Apart from the silly price from a retailer of all things, the reason being to pay said price is for video game collectors if its worth thier money from an actual product.

I expect to see you promote that idea for sony systems if your going to have the mindset of modding in question to avoid you looking like a one console fangirl that you already are

Heisenburger2281d ago

I think it's stupid to steal. That doesn't make me right.

Kydawg2281d ago

That's quite the statement coming from Heisenburg.

JKelloggs2281d ago

@Kydawg I don't remember Heisenberg ever stealing

Tetsujin2281d ago

@ Mika

I agree it is stupid to pay $80+ for a "used" game; however to suggest modding a console is definitely a no no.

I'm sure intelligent, smart gamers know where to look for the best deals, and not to get ripped off just because they're a fan of something, or because the internet says a game is that rare.

iMaim2281d ago

I agree, $85 for a used game is nuts.
If there was an artbook, figure or a soundtrack then maybe the price can be justified.

Murad2281d ago Show
Godlovesgamers2281d ago

Maybe because...

1. They're not thieves.

2. They actually want to support the Developer.

3. They want town the real thing.

Just because you don't agree with a games' pricing doesn't mean it gives you the right to pirate/steal it.

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zeal0us2281d ago

Let me guess, GameStop gets these made without the shrink wrap so they can sell them pre-owned just like Xenoblade.

duducus2281d ago

Or they just take off the shrink wrap...

Murad2281d ago

Most likely. GameQuestDirect does not have a single copy, so I'm guessing they literally bought out every copy and then well you know, selling it for extra profit.

DarkBlood2281d ago

Well all i can say is damn i would have a harder time getting it new in its metal casing with the hard clear plastic sleeving but these reprints im going to guess dont have that either?

so glad i got it the first time it came out

plmkoh2281d ago

This is MGS Twin Snakes CE all over again.

Except this time I got myself a steelbook copy.

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The story is too old to be commented.