The Glorius PC Master Race - Has it Gone Too Far?

Alex Hamilton of XP-Mag writes: There was a time (which I now find hard to believe) when I did not own my own PC. At the tender age of 13 I made the discovery that certain video games would not run on my family computer, which, at 32MB of RAM, was even at that time horribly outdated. Until that point I had not really thought much about playing games on the computer. I had got along quite happily with my PS2 until that point. Once I had saved the pennies and bought my first gaming computer, the metaphorical slippery slope become a sheer cliff face comprised of banana skins.

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HonestDragon2280d ago

Very well written. I have a PC and a couple consoles, yet PC elitists would still go and claim that their "gaming machine" can beat the snot out of my systems. Ben Yahtzee said it right when he described PC elitism as leading to, "smug superiority".

It's the egotistic comments and behavior that make PC elitists unbearable to talk to. Then they complain about how some games aren't coming to PC (like Tom Clancy's The Division). Be prepared for a possible backlash from the PC elitists that roam around here.

Saryk2280d ago

So the whole "PC is DYING" was ok?

The whole "I wish X PC game would come to my console", that fine too?

EGO? Talk about the PS3 or 4 here and you will see a ego.

You really need to stop generalizations, because you are full of shit! There is enough finger pointing to go around 360 degrees!

HonestDragon2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

First of all, I don't appreciate the unnecessary vulgar language. What did I do to get that kind of reaction? Oh, I had an opinion different from yours. I'm so sorry that that is criminal in your mind.

Second of all, no where in the article did the author (nor I for that matter) indicate his belief or any proof of fact that PC is dying. He is talking about how he feels that he isn't part of this "master race" that PC elitists make PC gaming out to be despite having a good gaming rig himself. I support that given that I have a PC, but I don't see computers, consoles, or handhelds as the best platform for games. You are putting words in our mouths.

Everyone has a bit of an ego. I have seen Sony fanboys, Xbox fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, and PC fanboys who flaunt their ego relentlessly and for no good reason other than to put others down. So, yes, I do know how other fanboys can act when talking about a certain gaming platform. I have seen this egotistic attitude first hand and have experienced it from other users who make similar claims of superiority.

And you're talking about generalizations? You are coming to conclusions based on assumptions that fit your statements about what others have said. You don't know the first thing about me, nor do I know you. From you're little temper tantrum of a comment, I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to; however, I do know that you irritated me by lashing out in the most immature way possible. Next time you decide to respond to someone, don't act like a pretentious little kid.