Nintendo’s User Account System is Outdated and Downright Unfair

While their software and hardware is just dandy, there is one area where Nintendo should definitely and undoubtedly take a cue from Microsoft and Sony’s practices with their games. This is an area where Nintendo has practically been getting away with murder and it needs to be addressed before their hardware, their software, the sales of the Wii U or anything else.
I’m talking about their utterly laughable user account system.

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Yep2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I agree, the new account system and Miiverse for 3DS couldn't come any sooner, but their current system being utterly laughable? Lol, could you not be any more unrealistic?

What was laughable was the Wii Shop Channel. I only accessed that for new channels (that I ended up not really using in the long run).

Also there is an account system where you can uninstall games and install them again, it's just tied to the system (which is a problem for people who break the Wii U's I guess).

admiralvic2289d ago

The sad / amazing thing is how much worse the friend code system is. No matter how much you love Nintendo / want them to win, you have to agree that the Friend Code system was annoying and stupidly dated next to even the earliest of Xbox Live.

Yep2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I hope I didn't imply that I liked or even used friend codes. I only ever had 1 or 2 friends on my Wii with a couple more for brawl (already sounds confusing).

I'm glad they're now only behind the scenes and we can add friends the standard way. Friend codes emerged from Nintendo trying too hard to be unique lol.

MEsoJD2289d ago

Totally agree with this.

Trago13372289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I agree. A unified account system on Wii U, aside from games, is my most wanted thing for the console.

I start getting second thoughts on whether to get the Wii U version of an indie game or not over the steam version, because with the steam version I can install said game on to another PC, I can't do that with Wii U.

They also need to link Wii U accounts with 3DS ones to make one big network. I literally almost bought Mario Bros. twice because I forgot that I had the 3DS version, that game should at least carry over to the Wii U with no problems.

I REALLY hope Nintendo is working to fix this in the future.

TongkatAli2289d ago

Its funny to me cause the things you purchase from the online store isn't owned by you. The console owns the digital items. If it were to break, you F.

Trago13372289d ago

Exactly, the only Downloadable games I got so far are the 30 cent promotion ones, and Trine 2, but that's it.

I want to take comfort in knowing that my purchase is secure if Nintendo wants me to invest in the Eshop anymore.

Not to say the Eshop line up is bad or anything, but the point remains, they NEED a revamped account system.

admiralvic2289d ago

@ Trago1337 / TongkatAli

Well Nintendo DID say they would transfer them for you and they do plan on fixing it (they did sort of fix it with the 3DS). Historically speaking it probably won't be as good as XBL / PSN's systems, but it won't be AS BAD down the road.

Summons752289d ago

"I can install said game on to another PC, I can't do that with Wii U. "

........You're completely clueless aren't you. They stated multiple times before the system was released that the stuff you buy on the WiiU is tied to the ACCOUNT not the console.

That's why...I dunno you have a download history and will be able to buy games off the computer and 3ds (or wiiu for the 3ds) when the systems are unified.

Trago13372289d ago

Thanks for the correction.

chadboban2289d ago

I agree with this as well. Hopefully Nintendo implements an account system that isn't tied to the console for both 3DS and Wii U.

DA_SHREDDER2289d ago

im pretty pissed that i lost all my software i bought when i sold my wiiU

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The story is too old to be commented.