Top 25 Super Nintendo Games Of All Time (#10-6)

GR: The Super Nintendo was the first video game console I ever owned. As such, it holds a very special place in my heart. Nostalgia aside, I have a feeling I'm not alone in my love for the SNES. Despite advancing technology, the software library of the Big N's second console has held up better than many of those on subsequent platforms. From a slew of amazing RPGs to a plethora of charming platformers, there's so much to love about the Super Nintendo. Here are twenty-five reasons why the console is easily one of gaming's greatest.

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badboy7761987d ago

Zombies Ate My Neighbors better make Top 5.

dbjj120881987d ago

I couldn't pick a top 25 SNES games because all I remember are good games.

Sclavius1987d ago

You've never seen Angry Video Game Nerd have you?

BoriboyShoGUN1987d ago

Dam those were classics!
But i didnt see "Super Ghouls and Ghost"
I dont see how that doesnt make the list.

monkey nuts1987d ago

Yep it's not on the list. I still play it now and again on my old snes. Top notch gameplay, crazy difficulty especially after the spires level. I'd rate it higher than contra, though I have the pal version so I'm not sure if there's any other changes in the game other than the player being a mech and the name of the game obviously.......o_0.

BoriboyShoGUN1987d ago

yeah try playing it on a keyboard!!! crazy hard lol. I dont have my SNES anymore so i have to use emulators not cool!!!

Khajiit861987d ago

A link to the past is is #1 for me.