Next Week on the PSN: August 20th, 2013 – 2 New PS+ Free Games, Three Day 1 Digital Titles, More

Sometimes when we do these ‘Next Week on the…’ posts every Thursday, they can be barren, with the scheduled list of releases for the upcoming Tuesday being the opposite of Batman. This Tuesday, however, might just have the distinction of being the biggest one of the year so far from what we know right now.

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Foolsjoker1893d ago

That game looks like it is going to take a dive.

Enate1893d ago

Kessen III omg man me and my brothers used to play the hell out of those games lol memories.

PSjesus1892d ago

next week getting MGS HD collection + DOA 5+ UMVC3 all for 34$
PSN+ is awesome for Vita