GTA 5 o'clock: GTA Online gameplay video analysis

CVG: "Rockstar has made is big reveal of GTA Online, and now the GTA V o'clock team are turning their analytical eyes on the official GTA Online gameplay trailer."

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EazyC2288d ago

CVG analysis' always rock, nice!

just_looken2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

They sure do but this just makes it worse err so many days left and when the game gets here fuck there is alot to do. The police chases alone shown kick need for speed's ass then you got the bank robbery's that are better than payday etc etc.

Oh and 3:05 in the video i see the gta sa san feario bridge :).

jlukee2288d ago

People said they'd never top San Andreas. Do you guys think this will? We'll obviously have to wait until we play it but its looking more than promising so far!

Just over a month to go :D

ABeastNamedTariq2288d ago

I think they will. Everything about it screams bigger and better. It's gonna have a ton of things to do, on and offline. And I can't wait for the soundtrack! As soon as I heard Jay Rock in the Franklin trailer, I was completely sold (I was sold before, but not midnight launch sold). And if you can listen to music while you aren't in a car..I'll be playing my PS3 a lot more than I planned to (after PS4 launches) lol.

Pintheshadows2288d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Yes. I've said a lot over the last year or so that I feel this can be the definitive title in the GTA series. About 600 days ago I typed a blog on here detailing what I wanted from GTA5's enviroment. A huge open world combining a detailed city, like Liberty City in 4 mixed with the countryside, wildlife and beauty of RDR. They have clearly achieved that and more. They have actually far exceeded my expectations.

Add to that the addition of Max Payne 3's shooting mechanics (some of the best I have personally experienced) and the fact that the Midnight Club developers are working on the driving then have the elements of a truly wonderous game.

And I have not even mentioned the myriad of other excellent things. Activities and the fun of the PS2 era games seems to be back, the characters are stronger than ever, the missions more dynamic meaning the game can have multiple playthroughs, customisation looks like it is the best it has ever been, planes, trains, and automobiles, 100% handcrafted vast open world, and you can ride a Sanchez off of a cliff with your pals and open a parachute.

I haven't been this excited for a game in a very very long time. I wasn't this excited before 4. Maybe the last time was San Andreas and I wasn't wrong to be.

I think R* are making other developers look bad by comparison. This is why they don't bother turning up to E3. They don't have to. They let their work speak for itself.

Pintheshadows2287d ago

'There's a lot of people saying that this can't be on PS3, but having seen in running, hey, yes it is, they're doing really impressive things with draw distance and lighting'.

Amazing. That is from someone has seen it running on PS3.

Trenta272287d ago

I think all of the gameplay shown so far as been on the PS3. They must be pushing it to the absolute limit.

Pintheshadows2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Indeed. I was just trying to irritate the people who refuse to believe it. The guy from CVG has actually seen it being played on a PS3 so I think he knows better than them.