New The Wind Waker HD Screenshots Dial Back the Bloom, Reduce HUD Presence

GenGAME writes: "One of the enduring issues fans have brought to light with The Wind Waker HD has been its intense use of bloom lighting. Even I can agree that the lighting seems a bit too dialed up – and I’m actually a huge fan of the new artwork, and its use of more “realistic” effects.

"However, the latest batch of screenshots released via the game’s official site seem to reveal a somewhat dimmer palette."

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herbs1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I have been hearing rumors lately about this game running at only 30fps. Some have speculated that if they removed or toned down the bloom lighting effects then they may be able to achieve 60fps.

This game will be beautiful either way HOWEVER if Nintendo is unable to achieve 1080p 60fps with such a low detail low poly two generation old remake it's safe to assume that the Wii U is in fact basically equivalent to three GameCubes duct taped together and that's strait up technically pathetic in this day and age...

Do not disappoint me Nintendo you claimed that your new console is capable of 1080p 60fps and if you are unable to prove that with this graphically simplistic game then you lied to and disrespected everyone who bought your system :[ IMO

Nevers0ft1892d ago

They've demonstrated quite a few games running at a nice, smooth 1080p/60FPS (including Windwaker) so I'd take those rumours with a pinch of salt.

legendoflex1892d ago

They've never once confirmed TWWHD at 60fps - just that it's the only first-party game running at 1080p native.

herbs1892d ago

There is not one fully fledged game yet released running NATIVELY at 1080p 60fps on any home console hardware that I'm aware of. I was hoping the Wind Waker HD remake would be the first.

herbs1892d ago

Please people who are disagreeing with my statement inform me which games on PS3 or 360 are actually running Natively 1080p?

herbs1892d ago

My bad looks like there are a couple games that actually support 1080p natively. Virtual Tennis 3 a couple of NBA games a game called Sacred 2 and Monster Hunter 3 on Wii U although none seem to support any kind of aliasing or 60fps.

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bobacdigital1892d ago

I actually read that they kept all the game play physics, mechanics, and animations the same because it would have taken up too much time to redo them to work with 60fps (All the old stuff is 30fps)... The 30 fps has less to do with what the system can do and more to do with dev time limitations...

Bayonetta and DK Returns have been confirmed to be 1080p @ 60fps.

Jay70sgamer1892d ago

@Lopez use google it helps it states windwaker running at 1080p and 60 fps @E3 conference

lilbroRx1892d ago

Nintendo consoles are the only consoles on the planet that get bashed for using bloom lighting.

Its viewed as a beautiful, good thing whenever its done on the on a Sony or Microsoft console.

A7XEric1892d ago

More bloom. I thought this game was supposed to get overhauled graphics, not just the old game running just in HD. That already exists, it's called the Dolphin emulator.

NiteX1892d ago

But Dolphin isn't really that great. Unless you like an insane amount of glitches and slow downs in your games.