OXM UK: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Preview

OXM UK writes: " It's been tied up for a bit longer than planned, but your trip to the Dark Side is nearly ready.

You should be smashing Star Destroyers together like marbles right now. We should have spent several glorious hours chucking Stormtroopers against ceilings and into Tie-fighter flight paths. But Force Unleashed has been flung back to a summer release as the game is given a thorough going-over by Imperial technicians.

We can confirm that the all-action gameplay is still intact. We watched your character, Darth Vader's apprentice (true name not yet revealed, so clearly he's related to someone) lay waste to a variety of locations showcasing as many uses of the Force that LucasArts could cram in."

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SuperSaiyan43847d ago

Sick to death of 'previews'? Just give us a release date, some HD videos i.e. trailers long ones with developer commentary as I still want to know more about this game!

King_many_layers3847d ago

Has it been said before over wether there will be other gameplay than just the use of the force, I would love to know if we can dual with the light sabers, ( a system like assasins creed could be pretty cool ) if not I fear that this will become quite repetetive and would lack replay value.. atleast for myself

could somebody please enlighten me of wethere there is lightsaber battles or not ??

SuperSaiyan43846d ago

Haven't you seen the developer videos? They clearly showed you could choose any path and you did have to fight Jedi's etc.

King_many_layers3846d ago

thanks for the reply and answer, that's a soothing thing to know.

I would have seen them but after a while I lost interest after the fear of it being simply force powers only.

ben8063846d ago

looks nice. release date would be nicer

KYU21303843d ago

If look you would, release date you will find..

come on people the release date is posted at the lucas arts web page.. and it was posted everywhere else too.. its Sept 16th..

May the Dark Side Prevail..