The Sims 4: Portuguese Site Leaks Screens

A Portuguese website leaks The Sims 4 screens.

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drsfinest721985d ago

Maxis used to be great. Now they're just good.

jay21985d ago

OUCHIE! my eyes looking at this EXPANSION PACK for Sims 3! Get them sorted please!

KonsoruMasuta1985d ago

If Sims 4 has Sim City like DRM I will burn down EA's headquarters!

Pain_Killer1985d ago

Sims 4 is officially an offline experience. The online part only exists for sharing other than which it wont hurt the integral gameplay experience.

Indo1985d ago

Yah looks like an expansion pack. If these screens are Sims 4, then what the heck were they doing for the past 3 years. If they add multiplayer mode for consoles, it be least of a no life kind of game. Like Sims 2 were at least you got your friend to mess around with.

cyhm31121985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

they go the cheap route just like xbone, looks like simcity 5 isn't the only game the former CEO had made mistakes with.