Sony Reaches Programming Deal With Viacom for Online Pay-TV Service

Sony Corp. has reached a preliminary agreement with Viacom Inc. to carry the media company's cable channels on its planned Internet-based TV service, a person familiar with the matter said, a significant boost for the Japanese company as it races to secure content rights against technology firms vying to offer similar services.

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GribbleGrunger2280d ago

Bring this to PS3 and suddenly I can see another reason the 12GB PS3 makes sense. No cable box required.

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XisThatKid2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Yea didn't everyone say that this was goin to be X1's Ace in the hole? Yea this isn't important but its cool and def a great addition to an already presumed great console. Yea When this was an Xbox exclusive everyone on Sony's side was all boos and geers but I'm just glad Sony isn't advertising it as a cable box and games second ya know. All the bells and whistles are an added plus. This is ok for me I haven't paid for Cable TV in 14+ years so this Netflix and Hulu and torrents I may never agian.

iamnsuperman2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

"but I'm just glad Sony isn't advertising it as a cable box"

And that is the big difference. People were not booing Microsoft for TV functionality but for the fact it was such a big focus. Their "Ace in the hole" (if you don't mind me using your words). Now if Sony spends all of gamescom talking about this then I will verbal criticise them. I doubt they will do this though. We have had Netflixx, Iplayer....on our previous consoles and adding more is a natural step up. However, the big thing is these things are still games consoles. What Microsoft did was draw attention away from that using buzzwords like "watercooler" and making TV seem like a huge focus. People still buy consoles to play games. Things like TV are the "nice" but not so important extras.

Jazz41082280d ago

Sony is going to claw and scratch and fight this whole gen because if the ps4 goes down then sony does as well as they are really close to sinking according to the financial websites. Sony is fighting for the life of there company.

XboxFun2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )


No goal posts were moved gribble.

There is no doubt from anyone here that the sony camp were relentless in calling the Xbox One a cable box or as you incorrectly mentioned the focus was too heavy on TV.

The early comments on N4G blew up and gained maximum heat from most posters criticizing MS and not wanting anything to do with TV for their gaming machine. And even when these features were always OPTIONAL it did not stop them from still mocking the Xbox as nothing more than a cable box.

As I have said before Sony was and IS going for the same goals as MS. To compete for dominance in the living room space. At least MS was more transparent in their goals.

But I am positive that these features for the PS4 will remain quiet and not gain as near enough traction as it did for MS. Either that or a spin cycle set to super. Which I am already seeing with comments (gotta love the sony fans on this site).

And MS is also securing TV deals with companies to do the same as Sony in this article they have already announced original programming. The whole HDMI in is an extra feature the Xbox One can do.

iceman062280d ago

I think that most gamers (Sony, Xbox, etc.) and the media walked away from the reveal underwhelmed. Why? Because the focus was not on the console as a gaming machine FIRST. MS billed it as the all-in-one entertainment device for the living room. You know when the last time we heard that was...PS3? Remember all of the comments of.."it's just a Blu-ray player? I want my console for games!" Then post reveal, somehow the tide changed and TV became cool and innovative somehow.
Point being, it's an added feature and it is good for those that like that much TV. It's not really special...for either's just know...the same TV that most of either have already or have chosen NOT to have.

nugnugs2279d ago

"At least MS was more transparent in their goals."
Need I type more?

MrBeatdown2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

"At least MS was more transparent in their goals."

Right. Who would have ever thought that a company that makes TV, and content, and TV content, and a console that's tagline was "It only does everything" would ever offer non-gaming features on their new console?

Sony totally snuck that one past us all. Should have mentioned TV at E3 or something. They did? Oh, well, maybe they should have put up a big screen that showed lots of non-game TV apps to really get the point across, like this...

Oh, wait, that IS from E3.

Come out from under your rock some time. Weather is nice up here.

KiLLUMiNATi_892280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Praise praise Sony now lmao... They bash MS for this but now N4Sony are ok with this.. Lmaoooo...

Sony n MS are aiming at the same crowd weather N4Sony like it or not... They both want to dominate the Living room... Praise praise....

MRMagoo1232280d ago

except sony will dominate unlike MS with there bad news 180 console lol.

ShinMaster2280d ago

You guys are clueless.

You seriously don't know the difference between a DVR(Xbox One) and an internet streaming service?

First of all, Sony did it first:
The PSX. A PS2 cable TV DVR (2003)
PlayTV on PS3 (2008)
So Xbox One isn't "innovating" anything.

PS4 doesn't require a cable box.

showtimefolks2280d ago

You know what I don't get is how now all of the sudden every gaming site is run by playstation fanboys, it was that long ago when it was all about he almight xbox360 and MS so what goes around comes around

I for one am very glad because I had to sit through hundreds of ps3 doom or Sony going out of business articles or how Sony should get out of the console business

I don't have cable so if this is true I am interested, as long as I won't need another cable box to plug thought I am up for trying this

Notice how when Sony announces something that don't take it back within few months because they haven't made a lot of bone headed moves

Ausbo2280d ago

I don't think sony should do this. Its a good idea and all, but every sony supporter on this site rips on the xbox for doing tv...........but wait, since sony is investing in tv, it must be the right thing to do!!!!!!!!!!

ShinMaster2280d ago

You seriously don't know the difference between a DVR(Xbox One) and an internet streaming service?

First of all, Sony did it first:
Xbox One is basically the PSX. A PS2 cable TV DVR (2003)
PlayTV on PS3 which people have been using for years now.
So Xbox One isn't "innovating" anything.

An internet streaming service doesn't require a cable box. It makes more sense than a cable box pass-thru because it's providing something that you don't already have.

Gamer19822280d ago

This will come to PS4 no doubt in my mind, MS been after a deal like this for years and Sony beat them to the punch they gotta be gutted they did it. This deal could shift them millions more PS4s as they could subsidize the box in return for a contract.

DA_SHREDDER2279d ago

that would save me over 50 bucks a month, i got 5 hd tvs and cable boxes cost over 10 a month to rent

Xsilver2279d ago

i haven't watched cable in three years which is why i didn't care about the xone tv stuff since i knew i would have to get a cable company. But i go online to watch walking dead the community and parks and rec but if this is true then why not, since Sony owns most of these shows then that means i can stream them on my PS4 no cable box required add that in with Ps+ and i'm good.
Is it me or is Sony becoming the all in one box with gaikai you get all old games to stream which is BC in its own way now stream tv without needing another box.

Notramagama2279d ago

This is ALREADY on xbox 360. FOR FREE!!! VIACOM MTV, NICKELODEON, AND CC apps. Sony fans stay blinded

HammadTheBeast2279d ago

It's behind a pay wall and more like YouTube gtfo.

alb18992279d ago

Sudenly every one is ok with a console capable of featuring this things!

All what you fans criticize from X1 just were tears because you SONY fans wanted the same......oh man!

kenshiro1002279d ago

For all the 360 fans crying don't get it, do you? Microsoft just focused on entertainment and not enough on games.

That was the issue.

But keep trying guys. Maybe one day your 'ah-ha' moment will come.

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ZodTheRipper2280d ago

If it's gaining them money that they can spend on game budgets again I'm ok with it.

timl2412279d ago

This is my problem...

Microsoft says you can plug in your cable box through the HDMI in port and you get all your TV channels. They get absolutely BLASTED for doing this feature. In my opinion, it's a great feature. Now I can instantly switch inputs between gaming and TV. Don't have to always lose the remote (big thing for me) and wait a few seconds for each input to load.

Sony says they made a deal with Viacom to allow the streaming of their channels. And now Sony fans are sucking their dicks saying this is awesome because you cut out the need for a cable box. That's all well and good, but I'd rather just hook up a simple HDMI cord to my console and have EVERY channel instead of having to stream channels that will more than likely cost to access. And don't use the cable box fees excuse. Most people here probably already own cable boxes because of their parents anyway.

All I am saying is every time MS does something it is terrible. Every time Sony follows it's great.

MS charges for online and that's bad, Sony charges and it's suddenly okay. MS makes it so you can hook your cable box (better technology), Sony makes it so you can stream some channels. Now all of a sudden Sony is great. HYPOCRISY at it's finest. I guess PS fans are infamous for it.

Khajiit862279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Is the cable connection free?

PS+ has free games..... EVERY MONTH.
I dont need PS+ right now to play online but I have it because it is an amazing feature. Discounts on countless games, apps, gamer pictures, dynamic themes, free games, free apps, free gamer pictures, free dynamic themes..... you get the point.

I own a 360 as well and XBL simply cannot compete.

AceBlazer132279d ago

do i think sony should start charging for online play ? hell no. but to compare ps+ to xblg is plain as hell ignorant. dont go preaching about hypocrisy when xbox fans show their relief for every feature that has been changed to this point , the same features that they were supporting the day before.

timl2412279d ago

Listen. I've supported MS since the beginning. It's all the Sony fans like you that were trolling about it that changed it. Just admit it, the Xbox one has a better feature. And you are right. Cable isn't free. But I can almost guarantee this will cost extra money. I'd rather hook up my cable box, seeing as I have cable anyway, for free. And I will also have triple if not quadruple the channels. Just like Xbox Live is better than PS+, this is better than Playstations TV service. Just end it.

XboxFun2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

That's pretty cool that the PS4 will have a good amount of TV functions.

But I am pretty sure that most sony fans do not care about the TV functions of the PS4.

Nothing wrong with the Xbox camp since we were embracing the TV functionality from the very beginning. Maybe you should speak to your Sony camp and their limited short vision as they mocked MS for the supposed focus on TV functionality of the Xbox One.

Godmars2902280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

What is it with the Xbox camp and this limited thinking?

Can't speak for anyone else, but I've said multiple times that I bought a PS3 for multimedia as well as gaming.

And given that its taken eight years to deliver on what both MS and Sony promised at the start of the PS3 and 360, both should be ashamed. More so that its coming in the forms that they are.

Actually, it was being mocked for 1) being behind the paywall, 2) requiring a cable box and 3) being touted for DVR functionality while not actually having any.

I think the real arguments started because MS wasted a good two thirds talking about TV during their first presentation. With the rumors of what they had intended with used games and all already strong then, that mistake lead them to being further unbalanced at E3, only talking about games, and ultimately has lead to the mess they're currently in with all of the 180s.

Now to top all of that off Sony might just be doing their own thing with TV, and if not doing it better, may at the very least be able to do it w/o a cable box and a paywall atop any other fees.

If such turns out to be true it would only lead to embarrassment for MS after all of their posturing.

British_Knight2280d ago

The XBOX camp loves multimedia features. The PS4 camp say they only care about games nothing more.

DigitalRaptor2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

@ British_Knight

The PS4 camp has the sense to know that a gaming console's reveal conference should not be mostly about non-gaming features.

We've known for years that Sony would have TV features in PS4, since PS3 has had them for years, but they're not what the console is built around, and looks better for it.

Kydawg2280d ago Show
Khajiit862279d ago

PS3 is the original all in one device. As a PS3 owner I already know games will not be the only great thing about the PS4, but games is what attracts me to it.

starchild2279d ago

I'm a PC gamer mostly and this console fanboy crap is annoying.

All this talk of stuff "being behind a paywall" is ridiculous and irrelevant. All of you console gamers are going to be paying to play online anyway so it's a pointless distinction. No hardcore gamer is going to forgo gaming online on their console.

As far as the different implementations of getting tv on these consoles, it's fundamentally the same thing. Both consoles will have TV streaming, while one simply also allows you to pass the signal of a cable or satelite box to integrate it into the console's UI.

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XisThatKid2280d ago

I agree besides one thing, alot of "the Xbox camp" was not on board with the cable thing xbox corp and fans alike but I see what your saying though. BUt then agian alot of the people I'm referring to is already converted to "The PlayStation Camp" thus not X1 camp anymore thus making said statement still true I guess. I'm not being facetious btw.

this is my previous comment as well for reference to me as a long time Sony fan recieving this "news"

"Yea didn't everyone say that this was goin to be X1's Ace in the hole? Yea this isn't important but its cool and def a great addition to an already presumed great console. Yea When this was an Xbox exclusive everyone on Sony's side was all boos and geers but I'm just glad Sony isn't advertising it as a cable box and games second ya know. All the bells and whistles are an added plus. This is ok for me I haven't paid for Cable TV in 14+ years so this Netflix and Hulu and torrents I may never agian."

Rimeskeem2280d ago

you are mostly right about us not caring but its always a nice feature to have but diffidently not something im going to praise over

AceBlazer132279d ago

your embracing it now but im sure if it ever gets removed you'll be glad its gone.

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badboy7762280d ago

I'm a 90's and 80's head. Todays TV,Music, Entertainment is garbage!!!

Saturday Morning Cartoons don't even come on anymore for the kids.

pedrof932280d ago

I'm european and I share the same opinion as you.

HammadTheBeast2280d ago

I don't know, Cartoon Networks still good, but the rest is pretty bad. Only good TV shows in a while have been Game of Thrones, Walking Dead (partially) and Breaking Bad.

kingPoS2280d ago

I know right. Most of the cartoons today are conservative marshmallow fluff. lol

The 90's were kickass, especialy after school.

SilentNegotiator2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

This is for you:

You only remember the good shows, that's the problem. All good entertainment, of every medium, is a flower in a manure field.

"For instance, what survives from the Vietnam era (thanks mostly to Vietnam movies) are songs like the badass protest song "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival and "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones. Both were released in 1969, after the war started going bad. Now look at the Billboard year-end singles charts from 1946 to today. The top song in 1969? "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies"

Do people today listen more to the f***ing Archies, or cherry picked songs that didn't even all top the charts?

PickAShoe2280d ago

I use TV for weather channel lol, other than that read news in the web.

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user74029312280d ago

as a ps4 fan i couldn't care less about this

thetruthx12280d ago

I thought it was bad to have TV functions

Now it's cool I guess lol

dcj05242280d ago

No. It's bad if you % 65 of you're event is TV TV TV TV TV NFL TV TV COD

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32280d ago

Where was this 65% of tv shown? At what event? Was it this one?
Point me to the part where tv starts. Seems to me you bumped your head, lol.

SniperControl2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

That is the second time you have posted the E3 show, they are not talking about E3, they are talking about the reveal back in May, where MS showed hardly any games and talked about TV more than anything else.

Seems to me you must bumped your head and knocked yourself out to miss

Oner2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

@ WrAiTh Sp3cTr3, Here ya go just in case you missed my earlier reply for some reason ~

Narutone662280d ago

@Oner, he didn't miss the reply, he's just intentionally ignoring it. It's probably called selective blindness, which comes with selective amnesia.

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user74029312280d ago

nobody is saying its cool...