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CCC Says: "Duckburg is certainly hopping. Of course, there's a good reason for it. After many years, Scrooge McDuck is grabbing his cane and heading out to expand his collection of treasures. DuckTales Remastered dusts off a classic game, one many of us grew up with, and is giving it a well-deserved second chance at the spotlight. The result is a remake that absolutely improves upon the original, even adding in new content that will surprise people who thought they were familiar with every DuckTales nook and cranny."

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Canary2284d ago

Point three? Really?

What a steep, absurdly arbitrary gradient they're using. Whenever I see a score so pointlessly specific, my mind interprets the number as a big "Not Worth Your Time" sign in flashing neon letters.

Brasi19892284d ago

Personally I'd give this game a 4 & 3/32. Lol