The things they carried — Gone Home review [Gaming Trend]

Editor David Roberts writes: "Every now and then, a game comes along to prove that interactive fiction has its place in the pantheon of expressive art. Gone Home is not only an important game in its own right, but is absolutely vital to the advancement of how we approach narrative in games, as well as the subjects we tackle."

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Totoro171889d ago

I'm 30 minutes into this game and it's really fascinating. Very well-written so far.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1889d ago

Awesome I am getting it right now.

InMyOpinion1889d ago

Where can I find it? Been looking everywhere...

Dr Pepper1889d ago


They also have a link to buy it on the game's website (

starchild1889d ago

Sounds really good. I'm one of those people that really enjoyed Dear Esther and this also seems right up my alley.