Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – New Story Mode Footage, New Interviews

Saiyan Island reveals new footage of the story mode and new interviews with Namco Bandai.

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tayz1942d ago

I'm so conflicted on whether or not I should buy this game. It look good, but so have all the last few DBZ games and they've stunk!

DarkBlood1942d ago

maybe a Super Saiyan God Goku Statue to go with my tales of xillia,injustice collectors edition statues lol

that might get me to jump the gun on getting another dbz game since raging blast 2 :P

tayz1942d ago

really!?! just a statue will make you jump the gun!? i don't think they will have a collector's edition for this especially in the usa

DarkBlood1942d ago

it would get me to preorder it day one but you may be right on there not being one

i know raging blast 2 or was it UT got a super saiyan 2 teen gohan in his saiyaman clothes which looked exactly like the toy i got many years ago prior to that game

PositiveEmotions1942d ago

@tayz this game is not being made by the usual team.

sephiroth4201941d ago

huh? the raging blast games were great, the only things i think theyve screwed up was ultimate tenkaichi and the kinect one, probably best to wait for a demo or something before deciding on purchase.

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ZodTheRipper1942d ago

This really looks underwhelming these days. Are japanes developers missing money or talent to move forward?

Murad1942d ago

I feel like they're trying to impress us NA audience, or are trying to fool us and not doing what they used to in terms of making a good game. It could be a lot of reason, but money isn't one of them.

Williamson1942d ago

I really want a budokai 4/burst limit 2 like game. Wont judge this game untill I try it, but ill give them credit for trying something new.

Indo1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

All these Dragon Ball games are just like the PS2 era, but minus the fun. I though with all this extra power the PS3/360 have that least we can have destructible enviroments,realtime damage effects,more realistic FX and have all the storyline the comic books had. It be nice for once that a DB game offered more than the comic book offered. I want to turn someone into a cookie with Majin Buu's fatality attack.

BitbyDeath1942d ago

All fighting games this gen haven't really evolved from the PS2 era. At least this one offers something new with 8 player combat tho, kudos to DBZ for trying to raise the horribly low bar

nato251942d ago

comic books... really. These arent even new apart from the first one, saw them all like a week ago

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