Gamedaily: Ikaruga Review - Treasure's classic Dreamcast shooter becomes an XBLA must-have

Simply labeling Ikaruga as a sequel to the cult Sega Saturn favorite Radiant Silvergun would be a mistake. It's so much deeper than that, thanks to a strategic angle involving two separate ship polarities and literally hundreds of thousands of bullets. This game is a beloved favorite on the Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube, and now Xbox Live Arcade subscribers finally get their chance to download it this week for a mere ten bucks (800 points). It was worth the wait, as this is the best version of Ikaruga yet.

Ikaruga contains five stages of near-impossible odds, as hundreds of enemies spew black and white gunfire at you. Your ship has the ability to absorb this gunfire, but only one color at a time. You must flip your spacecraft back and forth or risk getting blown up. It's a strategy that will take some time to master, but it pays off. With each enemy bullet you absorb, you build up powerful energy that can be fired back in concentrated doses.

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