Only in Battlefield 4 Videos Emerge, Showcasing What Players Will Be Experiencing In DICE's Shooter

Electronic Arts and DICE have released some new videos of Battlefield 4. These videos are part of the 'Only In BF4' series in which players share their experiences after playing Battlefield 4.

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Wizziokid2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I hope they show a different map soon, while the building falling is cool it's getting old already and I haven't even played the game yet.

john22282d ago

let's hope that the beta test won't feature only this map

dcj05242282d ago

Gamescom confirmed to show "NEW MAP-NEW MODE"

ZodTheRipper2282d ago

I could have laughed through the whole CoD: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal if it wouldn't be so sad. They yearly make millions with their crap, I just don't get it.

Donnieboi2282d ago

Personally, I feel like this is BF 3.5. Even the animations and voice audio are the exact same from what I've seen so far. I really hope EA isn't forcing DICE to take the minimalist route when it comes to making sequels (like activision did with COD).

I want them to add something "new". Well, at least it has 64 players for consoles. But not much else seems new especially to PC players who already had 64 players.

MusicComposer2282d ago

Just to clarify, it's still only 24 players on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Only the next gen systems allow up to 64 players.

awi59512282d ago

Yeah i dont want to hear that crap COD does the same crap each year and retards eat it up all day long.

ginsunuva2282d ago

Yeah it feels like:

1. They're rushing it to get the current and next-gen audience at once.

2. To re-do console battlefield 3 except done right this time

3. BF3 on pc looks the same as this

illtownNJONE2282d ago

with xbox one 300,000 servers expect 64 players at least

Mikeyy2282d ago

What does Microsoft's 300k servers Have anything to do with battlefield 4?

Battlefield has always had its own dedicated servers. And the ms servers are for Xbox exclusives only. Your not getting dedicateds on cod ghosts so you know...

xKugo2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

There isn't much new that you can add to a realistic shooter like BF4. They can't make the game "more real". It's already photo-realistic as is. Radically newer modes come at the cost of lowering the amount of realism that within the game, giving it a more aracady aka "COD" feel.

awi59512276d ago


Thats not true titan fall is confirmed to run on microsoft servers.

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xKugo2282d ago

I have to agree there, that is getting extremely old but I guess that's partly due to me watching to many videos of BF4 on youtube. However, it was revealed that they are going to show a new map AND a new mode at Gamescom so that should be interesting.

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KazeRaVen2282d ago

a New map has been confirmed to be, being shown at Gamescom

MizTv2282d ago

Love me some battlefield

user74029312282d ago

PSN ID flamesofhell 44. bf fan right here

JewyMcJew2282d ago

I am not a COD / BF guy. But from what I am gathering from the chatter, it seems that BF4 kills in graphics, but gameplay and controls still goes to COD.

Is that correct?

NarooN2282d ago

I've played a lot of BF and CoD since the early/mid 00's... BF has always had tight controls and great gameplay.

Even though it's subjective, CoD hasn't really done anything to 1-up BF this time.

SillyYou2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

lol no.

cod sucks in basially everything. its so popular because its noob friendly and everyone can get kills.

COD: small maps, killstreaks, op weapons, always fast pace gameplay, 12-18 players

BF: big/medium maps, dozens of weapons, vehicles, destruction, fast pace gameplay/slow pace gameplay. In general a lot more action than in COD, 64 players.

twinspectre2282d ago

i don't understand all the disagree

Wingsfan242282d ago

He's getting disagreed with because Call of Duty does'nt suck at "basically everything". Who cares if it's "noob" friendly? There's Gamebattles if you want to play competitively. Stop complaining just to complain.

SillyYou2282d ago

@PockyKing i dont think you get the point. The whole game and gameplay is ment to be easy for everyone. And cod compettivly? lol!.

FullmetalRoyale2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Gameplay and controls are completely opinion based.

It's pretty much impossible to make a factual statement that says one is better than the other.

I prefer the gameplay in the BF series. I like big, open maps with dozens of different things going on at once. There seems to be more variety in BF, at least imo.

As far as controls go, they are relatively similar.

I mean, CoD doesn't feature vehicular combat in multiplayer, so it's impossible to compare that aspect. Shooting is similar in controls, yet the way that they FEEL is how they differ from one another.

Graphics wise I thought that BF3(on consoles) looked better than CoD on consoles. Compare CoD next-gen to BF next-gen and the gap is even more glaring. That is not a dig at fans of CoD.

BF4 will feature 720p(from what I understand) and 60fps on next-gen consoles. Now the 60fps has been what CoD fans have used against BF fans for years now. But with BF4 you have the massive maps, 64 players, destruction, some sort of real-time water simulation, and multiple vehicle types all running simultaneously.

Why the fans of CoD and BF fight in the first place is beyond me, though.

*Edited for typographical errors.

NarooN2282d ago

Actually, CoD1: United Offensive, CoD3, and WaW had vehicular combat.

Just sayin'.

testo62282d ago

Its because COD runs at that makes you feel gameplay and controls smoother... now Battlefield 4 runs at 60fps too... :)

princejb1342282d ago

I agree gameplay goes to bf while controls go to cod
That's one of the reasons I sold bf3 the hip fire sensitivity and the an inning sensitivity just didn't match
One was way faster than the other
I really hope they fix that issue even though I'm still buying bf4 day 1

twinspectre2282d ago

i like BF controls more than COD

T22282d ago

Meh its preference I find cod too easy all guns are pretty much the same just aim and press r1

ginsunuva2282d ago

You're reading the wrong chatter.

hazardman2282d ago

Play it for yourself and find out! Dont go by chatter.
BF is harder to play but far more rewarding when you start getting the hang of it. COD is well...COD!

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jonboi242282d ago

They should call the video "why it's better than COD", because that's what there trying to say with this video.

ginsunuva2282d ago

A codfish is better than CoD.

BF shouldn't be competing with them. They should raise their standards.

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