Infinity Wards Irritates CoD4 Players by Removing Map-Pack Playlists

"As any CoD4 player worth his or her weight in bullets knows, the map-pack was released last week. With it came several new playlists that allowed owners of the pack to play the new maps exclusively without bothering with the old maps. That was great and welcome. Unfortunately, now, Infinity Ward has decided to remove the new playlists, adding the new maps to the original playlist rotation.

This means that if you want to play the new maps then you're going to have to get lucky and hope it loads up on your next round. This is a lame decision on IW's part." writes Chris Jensen.

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CNIVEK3847d ago balls. It's bad enough that they have the worst online lobby and matchmaking for any FPS available; this just plain stinks. For those that didn't get the maps in the first week, they'll pay $10 for maps they may NEVER get to play, unless they only do private matches. Oh well, Vegas rules once again, just like it did in '07. :o

bumnut3846d ago

you say the cod4 lobby system is bad and r6v2 is great?

thats funny, in r6v2 you join a lobby, wait 20 mins for it to fill up and then go through it all again because 1 of your friends gets kicked.

You can't join a game that has already started!?!?! wtf

cod4, 1 click, done.

mariusmal3846d ago

i prefer the 1 click solution of COD4 than the ultra ubber hardcore lobby's :P

tony3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

haha, don't make laugh. call of duty 4 is way better than r6v.

eddierivera3847d ago

Vegas sucks balls. I use my copy as a cup coaster.

Altis13847d ago

If you got the PS3 version then I understand.

ceedubya93847d ago

I still get to see Broadcast and Chinatown every now and then. I haven't played Creek much at all lately.

C_SoL3847d ago

before they release the map-pack on PSN.

jackdoe3847d ago

That's lame. That pretty much limits the amount of games that a person who refused to pay $10 for 4 maps would be able to get into.

xboxftw3847d ago

Correction 3 maps. I thought there were four but turned out only three.

kwicksandz3846d ago

there are actually 4 new maps, its just killhouse is only in the small unpopular playlists.

Nevers3846d ago

The map that basically isn't... Chinatown's tiny and that LAAG's to all hell.. Killhouse must be unplayable.

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The story is too old to be commented.