IGN- Hands-on: Is the Xbox One Controller Good for Shooters?

IGN:Our first impressions of Microsoft's new gamepad with a fast-paced competitive first-person shooter.

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first1NFANTRY2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Well you would hope it is seeing as it's very shooter centric. Anything is better than the original xbox controller. that thing was a brick in the form of a game pad.

darthv722282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

if by "original xbox controller" you mean the duke then yes every xbox controller since that one has been an improvement.

The controller S was the basis for the 360 design and that one is a very practical controller. The new xb1 looks to be taking the good from the 360 and making it better.

Better d-pad
Better button layout
Better stick response
Better triggers
and most importantly (to me anyway)
Better comfort.

Personally, i didnt have an issue with the 360 d-pad but i understand others who did find it to be less than satisfying. The xb1 is trying to be transparent to the user with a better overall design and function. Meaning that the more natural it feels and responds the less likely it is to break the user connection to the game.

that is the ultimate goal of any controller keep the player centered on the game rather than the controller and any imperfections they may experience.

HammadTheBeast2282d ago

The problem with the d-pad on Xbox controllers is that it makes fighting games completely unplayable for me.

2282d ago
darthv722282d ago looks like sony went back to the original dual analog controller for a few ideas on improving the DS4. Most notable are the longer hand grips and the concave thumbsticks.

Both of which are geared to improving the comfort of holding it. Many only know about the non twin stick PS controller and then the dual shock.

Sony made their first twin thumbstick controller very early on and it is quite a comfortable controller to use. It lacked the "shock" effect when release outside of JP but when they revised it to include it (to now be known as the dual shock), they made some changes that have been consistent ever since.

It may not have been around for as long as the dual shock but it is still a collectable piece of PS history. It is SCPH-1180 and anyone who is really into the playstation should have one.

redwin2282d ago

@gman I agree. I don't like the ps controllers weight but I like the 360s controller weight and to make it better I have added the keyboard pad on the bottom. Plus, small controllers gives me carpal tuner pains. I guess that's why they made the new ps controller bigger, I guess Sony agrees w me.

nukeitall2282d ago


I hope the PS4 controller also feels better, because the PS3 controller is a cramp fest every time.

For me the Xbox 360 controller only had a d-pad problem and I rarely had issues, since I don't generally play games that use it. Glad it is fixed tbough!

TomShoe2282d ago

It might just be me, but the asymmetrical sticks feel awkward for me.

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tigertom532282d ago

I also like the improved bandwidth of 20x

golding892282d ago

I hope it actually lives up to what they promise. It sure is looking that way

LackTrue4K2282d ago

"I hope it actually lives up to what they promise....."
What was promise...? And when, cuz after E3 there hold system is different now.

XboxFun2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

"This week's demo solidified that the era of the Xbox 360's loose, imprecise disc-based d-pad will soon be a distant memory."

Best controller ever confirmed!

"With Sony making FPS-centric improvements for the DualShock"

Looks like this gen will be focused on FPS's too.

I can't open your link due to some "referral denied" error. But I can imagine it's one of those pretend controllers with the million of buttons. If so i'll just post my "lol" now.

iamnsuperman2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Urm you forgot this one

It does a lot more (you didn't say it had to be real)

OT: Making the controllers FPS orientated is just to appeal to the ever massive BF/COD crowd.

darthv722282d ago

xboxfun...while your enthusiasm is understandable.

The "best controller EVER" is actually one that the user forgets they are holding because the connection between the game and player is seamless.

check out this vid for more information:

negative2282d ago

I can't wait to feel every inch of this controller in my man hands.

No_Limit2282d ago

Hey, MS spent over a $100 million developing this sucker so no doubt it will be great.

The only bad thing about the X360 controller was the D-Pad and the sole purpose that I get most of my Fighting games on the PS3, now that is fixed, this controller will no doubt be great for all genre.

LOL, you'll know the haters will bring in the AA battery BS and try to downplay this bit of pro XB news any moment now.

thrust2282d ago

And it's not very often good news about the Xbox one / MS make it on this site.

Lots of all good news about the playstation.

Sony will win next gen, but it is good to have competition!

2282d ago
hazardman2282d ago

Theres good news, fanboys either downplay or overlook it. Or y'all just BLIND!!!

JunioRS1012282d ago

Do you know how much they invested making the original controller? How about for the 360? How much did they spend making Kinect? What about the WiiMote?

It's all relative. How much money they spent on development is irrelevant unless you know for a fact that they invested more this time around than ever before.

vigilante_man2282d ago

Hey, I just spent $100 developing this new car. It is great but you still have to wind it up at the front to start. I bet people will moan about that little fact!

Joking aside I am so excited about using the DS4 especially as developers seem to be raving about it. And now we know how much MS spent on upgrading their controller there can be no more complaints about controllers.

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