Gamedaily: TiQal Review - A Tetris clone that falls somewhat flat

After the resounding success of Puzzle Quest, it became clear that there is a serious market for new games that mix classic puzzle elements with an adventure story. TiQal seems to find itself in that mixing of genres, but is not nearly as robust.

The initial gameplay is akin to any number of Tetris clones. You have a variety of blocks in different shapes and colors that randomly appear at the top of the grid, and you must align them so that when they fall they will match up with similarly colored blocks. One of the key differences in this game is the quickly gaining combos. You need at least a 4x4 square to get the blocks to destruct and free up space, but you have a few seconds between each connection to continue building up that colored portion. The more you can string together, the higher your score, and the more you'll fill your power-up meter.

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