Nintendo announcing 'new collection' of indie games for Wii U at GamesCom

At GamesCom Nintendo plans to announce a new line up of games from indie developers.

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jcnba282284d ago

More new indie games for Wii U? This is awesome stuff by Nintendo.

LonDonE2284d ago

The only problem is the pricing on the eshop, i think psn has better pricing for indie games, eshop needs to be more like psn in this regard, also the sales on psn are awesome, being a steam user, and a gamer who owns and games on all platforms, i think Sony are nailing it with digital content!

Seriously with Playstation plus being one of the best things in gaming in a long time, and now every season and near enough every 2 weeks or so, psn has new sales and discounts on not just indie, and classic ps2 and ps1 games, but also on AAA titles, i have bought loads of games on psn in the last year, adding to my already 50 full digital games, i now have in excess of 100 games digital!

But the biggest problem nintendo has is the fact that digital content is tied to the wii u system, and not to my Nintendo network i.d, this is unacceptable in my opinion and is one of the major barriers stopping me from buying full retail releases off of the eshop!
I want to have the security of knowing that all my e-shop purchases are secure, and that if my console goes wrong, or i decide to buy another wii u for my kids, i should be able to download my digital content and games onto that system too!

Hell i own 2 PS3'S, a launch fatty, and a slim, and i have my psn profile on both systems, and have my psn purchases on both consoles, which i, my wife and kids can all access, this is how it should be, before psn used to allow digital game sharing with up to 5 systems, but now its only 2 systems at once, this is what nintendo need to do!!

Its not uncommon for people to buy 2 consoles, one for themselves and one for the kids, and we should not be forced to buy our digital content all over again, nintendo needs to change this, but for now i will settle for just having digital e-shop purchases being tied to my club nintendo or nintendo network i.d instead of the individual system!

And also make a wii u sku with a proper hard drive, this is another problem with wii u, yes i know they allow the use of a external hard drive, but they force you to format and use the whole hard drive on the wii u only, i dont want to waste my whole 1tb hard rive only on the wii u , i use this same hard drive on both my ps3 systems, my movies collections, music collections, back ups of both ps3 systems, and back ups of my pc, and also back ups of over a hundred wii games for my soft modded wii, and all my emulators and all the retro games, i will be forced to lose all this if i use my hard drive on my wii u, why cant nintendo allow us to make a partition of say 150gb and then let the wii u format that partition, and so enable us to be able to carry on using our hard drives on all our devices, instead of just on the wii u, these are all backwards ways of doing things, and nintendo bugs the hell out of me with them, nintendo needs to modernise and stop making things difficult!

Moncole2284d ago

You do know indie devs pick there own price on the eShop?

BosSSyndrome2284d ago

Actually, your digital purchases ARE tied to your NN ID. its just that the ID is tied to the system.

Realplaya2284d ago

You have some valid points but some you are off on.
1. Nintendo doesn't set the prices developers do.

2. I agree that you should be to have an account for multiple systems I'm thinking they should allow you to register the same info from your other system to link them together. That way you can't just go to a friends house and upload the game there.

The hard drive is a non issue. People complain about the price already. buy one for $20.00- $100.00 bucks.

Yep2284d ago

Keep listening to your fans Nintendo.

Neonridr2284d ago

That's great news. The Wii U seems to be a great platform for indie developers to put their games onto. Nintendo is definitely trying to embrace these smaller developers which helps a bit to offset the lack of 3rd party support.

XboxFun2284d ago

Something tells me that this new buzz for Indie games is like what Swing Music was to MTV years back.

A hot flash in the pan and then....nothing.

mrbojingles2284d ago

How could indie games buzz be reduced to "nothing"? That's like saying we'll stop getting buzz from NCAA sports because major league teams will stop caring about young talents or that they'll be no buzz for sports athletes from other countries coming to America, or even saying MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL will stop caring about their own developmental leagues.

Also, I really don't want to envision a gaming industry without indies getting bigger and more popular.

exfatal2284d ago

everyone gotta start somewhere right? hell look at minecraft. indie's are the future simple as that.. triple A games are great and all but with all that money shoved into it they can't afford for it to fail thus we get the same game over and over again. Indies are gaming creative get away for something different other then the 1st person/3rd person shooters

josephayal2284d ago

dear nintendo, wrs zelda and fzero wii u?

TripC502284d ago

Nintendo doesn't show new Zelda, F Zero, Star Fox, or Metroid. People cry out "Where are these game?"

Later Nintendo will show/announce all those games. People will cry out "Why does Nintendo make the same old games?"

Misaka_x_Touma2284d ago

uh Nintendo is working on a new Zelda dang you slow

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