Wal-Mart sells PS3 Dualshock 3 below MSRP

Wal-Mart on Wed. began offering online customers Sony Corp.'s Dualshock 3 controller for the Playstation 3 below the MSRP in the latest video game retail discounts.

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Silellak3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Of course, the downside is, you actually have to give Wal-Mart money.

We at N4G like to whine about Sony and Microsoft being evil, but neither of them hold a candle to Wal-Mart.

sonarus3845d ago

55 bucks for a controller is BS. Six axis should have dropped to 45 and DS3 should have debuted at 50.

Violater3845d ago

90% sure it's a mistake on walmarts part and the website will be updated to reflect the correct price.
As has happened many times before, order when they cancel b!tch at them and get a $10 gift card.
Thats what I usually do.

lodossrage3845d ago

Walmart's evil is legendary. From their business practices to the way they treat their employees.

Fishy Fingers3845d ago

Ooooh the cooperations... *shakes in booties*


CaptainHowdy3845d ago

In order to have rechargeable batteries in the 360 controller u need to shell out like $15-20 extra bucks. And when u get the Wii remote, the nunchuck is extra...costing u $60 total. All three systems went up in price in their controllers...just like their games. It is the nature of new technology. $5 ain't that much.

ambientFLIER3845d ago

Lol, rechargeable batteries are $2.50 a pair, $5 even with a charger.

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SullyDrake3845d ago

I've been saving my plays through Heavenly Sword on Hell Mode and Uncharted on Crushing for when I get a Dualshock 3.

Jim Crowslaw3845d ago

i think Walmart is goin to come out wit a next gen system that'll outshine the ps3, will and 360. Its goin to be called Your Wal-come.

CNIVEK3845d ago

Wal-Mart sells EVERYTHING below the MSRP. DUH!!! 0_o

deeznuts3845d ago

Yeah I guess someone forgot about "rollback" and that freaking yellow happy face or whatever it is.

I try not to go into WalMart, at least limit it as much as I can. Not that I care if they are evil or not (I could care less, if it saves me money, I worry about ME!). It's just that, whatever is the worst people in your city, you can find a bunch of them at your local Wal Mart usually.

Thepro3183845d ago

walmart big talk about rolling back prices give me 45.99 DS3 you be good with me

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The story is too old to be commented.