Does A October 21st PlayStation 4 Release Make Sense?

Junkie Monkeys: “Coming Holiday Season” were Sony’s words this year at E3, but a NeoGaf source says Sony might be telling…a SMALL fib.

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allformats3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Yes. Any day in October makes sense to me! In fact, right now would make sense! October 21st is a Monday: Do it, Sony!

xHeavYx3461d ago

The sooner the better, can't wait to get my hands on it

Treezy5043461d ago

Can't wait for Gamescom! Fingers crossed!

Campy da Camper3461d ago

An August 16th release date sounds good to me.

Boody-Bandit3461d ago

I'm ready right now. Already have mine pre-paid and will put it to good use the minute I unbox it and power it up. The sooner the better.

zeee3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

October? hell yeah but here is the thing... I WANT IT NOW!!

Already placed my pre orders. I'll keep one and the other ones goes to one of you poor suckers who missed the launch edition. Gonna eBay for a small profit.

crxss3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

it's not gonna happen till after or on November 19. Just look @ its launch games. with watchdogs coming out on the 19th I doubt it'll be released a month earlier than their current gen counterparts.

but we can dream can't we?

Ju3460d ago

I think that's quite a possibility. Sony will release before MS and the XBone releases in November.

If Sony is playing it safe it will be October for the PS4. Sure thing.

What makes me curious, though, will BF4 and CoD release on PS4 before XBone? I will laugh so hard if they do. LOL.

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badboy7763461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

A 2013 Console release doesn't make sense in my opinion. Especailly with all these amazing games yet to be released. Granturismo 6,GrandtheftAuto5,Beyond Two SOuls etc...

HammadTheBeast3461d ago

Giving up holiday release is suicide.

KwietStorm_BLM3461d ago

There will always be good games, and developers can't change their schedule to accommodate for new systems. It's been long enough. It's time.

HiddenMission3461d ago

why does it not make sense none of those games are coming to the I'm confused.

If it did launch in October that would be plenty of time for Sony to get a huge number of consoles ready for a Black Friday door buster sale. As of right now we don't know what Sony's actual expected units shipped will be and if they plan on getting additional shipments out prior to launch but before the end of the year.

As of right now it's doable and could be very successful if done right.

NeoTribe3461d ago

All of those games you mentioned would run and look so much better on ps4 so why would you wanna wait?

gokuss1220023460d ago

Take into consideration the occult, and the significance of the number 13, and it does make sense lbs.

OT: I love for this to be the date.

Bolts3460d ago

Buying those games on a dated PS3 when I should spending it on the PS4 is a massive waste of money.

troncoparati3460d ago

Maybe you can do what I'm going to those amazing games in my Ps3 and play other PS4 titles on my PS4. I'm keeping my other consoles so that's a no-brainer to me. What doesn't make sense???

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sAVAge_bEaST3461d ago

Receiving unit's Mon.. Selling Tue.. -usually how that goes.

Gster3461d ago

All will be revealed next week @ GC

Murad3460d ago

I would hope so unless Sony trolls us there :P

Y_51503460d ago

That day, Garfield would stop hating Mondays!

JunioRS1013460d ago

They should release on a Thursday, so that people can call off work on Friday and have a 3 day gamer's weekend.

rainslacker3460d ago

Sounds good to me.:)

Oct 22, makes more sense though. It's a Tuesday, which is when most new games release on PS3/360. Monday can be bad for retail, since they get stuff in the week prior, with Monday's for the occosional late shipment.

Here's hoping to be at GameStop just before midnight on Oct. 21 though.:)


fcuk usual.

Deadpoolio3460d ago

From what I've heard where I have mine paid off they still aren't even sure if they are going to actually have midnight launches yet....Although they better damn well do it I already have my new PSN ID ready to go I just need my damn PS4

rainslacker3460d ago

Yeah, I haven't heard anything either. However they mentioned they had 24 pre-orders in about 2 weeks after the reveal. My store doesn't often do midnight releases though. So I have my fingers crossed.

If not no biggie. Will be there at 10am. Have two coming from Amazon as well.

Themba763460d ago

thats right before my birthday which is the 22nd

blind-reaper3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

OF COURSE, IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!! LOL (interesting november 17 2006 was my mother's birthday and the day my niece was born, and it was the day the PS3 was released)

Darrius Cole3460d ago

October 21 makes sense to me. I can't buy it until it it available for sale. And I can't play it until I buy it.

Ggame3460d ago


filipakos3460d ago

October 21st is my birthday.Seems okay muhahaha

Psn8003460d ago

Sooner the better I'd say .

oof463460d ago

Any day before Black Friday makes sense, IMO.

nosferatuzodd3460d ago

Indeed give now I wouldn't complain

avengers19783460d ago

It makes a lot of sense if they can continue a steady flow to stores until Black Friday, and through out the holiday, but since I order have a day one preorder, the sooner the better

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tbon3man3461d ago

and 4 days before mine! Yes

Narutone663460d ago

135 days before my.... never mind.
I would like to think of it as an early Christmas gift to myself.

ABeastNamedTariq3461d ago

Perfect sense! October release date would be beautiful. I just want to unbox that bad boy and eat some pizza.

G20WLY3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Pizza makes you laugh out loud?! :/

OT: October please! :)

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Jaqen_Hghar3460d ago

A man would also want to play games on it but to each his own

ABeastNamedTariq3460d ago

Lol, that too. Got Killzone, Watch Dogs, and Battlefield 4 preordered. I'll also be playing the PS+ edition of DriveClub. And DCUO most likely. I got that covered lol.

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matrixman923461d ago

simultaneous release with AC4 and BF4 would be awesome...midnight release would be the night of the 4's

GamerGuy1533461d ago

I think launching a week early would be even better, that way the systems are already on the shelves. If they launch on the same time they will all be eaten up by the preoreders. However, if everybody comes in for the launch of AC4 and BF4 and they see the PS4's on the shelves, they may go ahead and take the plunge into the next generation while they are there, since both games have been highly advertised for next gen.

Whenever Sony launches, though, they are going to want to release before the Xbox One, not only because it gives them a head start, but also because it captures alot of the market that is still on the fence. They will fulfill all of their preorders and by the time the One launches, they will have all of the retail outlets filled with them, countering the power that the One launch will have.

90Supra3460d ago

I doubt the PS4 will even make it to the shelves...

Instant sell out day 1...

o-Sunny-o3461d ago

Can't forget forget Killzone 4. I also want Uncharted 4 and God Of War 4. Use the 4s Luke. ^~^

G20WLY3461d ago

ha, I like what you did there - the 4s is strong with this one ;)

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Jaqen_Hghar3460d ago

a man lol'ed. "The night of 4" could be a great cross company advertisement for Ubi, EA, and Sony.