New Total War: Rome II Gameplay Video Shows Some Naval and Ramming Action

The Creative Assembly published a new gameplay video of Total War: Rome II starring Communications Manager Al Bickham as he shows some spiffy naval action.

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Carheadbutt1889d ago

Finally, been waiting for some trireme action for years

ATi_Elite1889d ago

(Sound of a whip Cracking) "Ramming Speed you DOGS or be tossed overboard"

OMG look at the Physics of the waves, that arrow volley totally missed thanks to the waves dipping the ship down. (I see Tactics)

I'm gonna play the CRAP outta Rome 2 and have fun burning Carthage down to the GROUND and then smoke it's ashes LOL

Aleithian1889d ago

Yeah baby! Salt the earth! Roma Victor!

Pintheshadows1889d ago

I always struggle in the naval battles in Total War games. I don't like being on boats in reality so maybe that is the reason. And the wave system is in Shogun 2 as well.

Saryk1888d ago

Taking a vacation day for this game.

ATi_Elite1888d ago

You may wanna just QUIT your job when Rome 2 comes out. It's gonna be that darn good!