Harmonix talks about the future of Rock Band - User generated content, learning to play the drums and more

Welcome to part two of VideoGamer interview with Harmonix design director Rob Kay. Yesterday he answered questions on the controversy over Rock Band's pricing in the UK as well as Xbox 360 exclusivity and the dispute with Guitar Hero publisher Activision. Today, VideoGamer brings you his thoughts on the future of Rock Band, from DLC to "crazy blue sky" thinking, and why it can help you play drums in real life. On SingStar PS3 there's a video creation tool and you can upload your own videos. Any plans for something similar with Rock Band?

Rob Kay: I think it's a cool feature. I haven't actually seen it myself. We've talked about ways of recording performances and we've riffed on that idea. We haven't got anything in the works right now. But I wouldn't rule it out for the future. Harmonix as a studio - is it Rock Band and Rock Band only for the foreseeable future or does the team fancy doing something else?

RK: Music in gaming is where we're at, it's been our reason for being for many years. We want to do justice to Rock Band and what it's creating. We see possibilities for taking it forward. But we're also full of ideas for other games within musical gaming. We're structuring ourselves internally so that we can both deliver all of this music and incremental upgrades to Rock Band, while also devoting enough of our time to just real blue sky crazy s$!t.

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Adamalicious3846d ago

As far as Rock Band goes I hope they stay focused on new songs and upgrades rather than trying to sell new discs and controllers that do ostensibly the same thing <cough>guitar hero<cough>.

EastCoastSB3846d ago

That would be awesome to see a song creation tool. It would keep me coming back.

tonsoffun3846d ago

there is not one mention of why it was decided that Rockband would be a timed exclusive for the 360 and why the European customers got shafted severely on the pricing.

Now, we always have had to pay a premium for games in europe, but more than double the price of the same thing in the US?

I am actually glad I imported this for the PS3, I actually SAVED money.

so, EA,, Harmonix -F*** You

Kemicalbeliefs3846d ago

At the price they're going to throw it out at in the UK then they can keep my copy. I guess I won't be playing this game yet afterall until they stop taking the urine.

They expect us to pay over £150/$300 for all the kit.

Matsuiichi3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

So then, this beckons a very interesting question. The interview talked about DLC and getting exclusive DLC getting released in other regions. Like, UK stuff getting released in the US.

So, what would happen if that were true, and the PS3 version hasn't been released yet in the UK? Does that mean that PS3 owners wouldn't get it until that version was released in the UK? Or would we get it at the same time as Xbox 360?

I guess that's just a question that will be answered when and if we get to that bridge. :/

But Muse? Dude, that would piss off a lot of people if we didn't get some Muse over in the States. XD

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