Microsoft gets into chip design with the Kinect sensor for Xbox One

Microsoft is still primarily a software and services company, but it has been expanding its hardware efforts little by little for years now. It began with mice and keyboards, intensified with efforts like the original Xbox and the Zune, and has gotten much more serious in the last year with the introduction of the Surface and Surface Pro and the announcement of the Xbox One.

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darthv721891d ago

what i am most curious about is. the original kinect has what appears to be 3 lenses. i know each does something different but with the new kinect we can really only see 1 lens.

Is the entire front a translucent plastic and the other lenses are behind but can still see out or do they really only need 1 lens now?

It is supposed to have a better field of view but given the kinect and how its supposed to do psudo 3d modeling then how does the new kinect do that with only the 1 visible lens?

pacostacos1891d ago

you should watch this Wired video on the new kinect if to havent already

darthv721891d ago

that was impressive. thanks for that. Despite Ms saying you dont need kinect to work...Im keeping mine connected anyways.

I like these little touches that add to the overall experience.

fOrlOnhOpe571890d ago

That looks really cool but the size of the living space is not quite so realistic.

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Kayant1890d ago

I don't care for motion gaming but damn I have to say Kinect 2.0 is pretty awesome. I never knew it was this in depth and accurate. Yh this will be great for fitness games which is only thing i would use it for personally.

vigilante_man1890d ago

Great video. As a concept it has a lot of potential. Not for gaming in small bedrooms or even small living rooms but gotta love potential of new tech.

Seemed like a few machines were actually running this stuff not a XB1 before we get carried away. The lighting and depth analysis were the most impressive along with the joint movement.

Thanks for the link.

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Grown Folks Talk1890d ago

There are 3 IR lights in the middle. You can't see it unless light hits it just right, or the pic is taken with a camera that doesn't filter it out.

Godmars2901891d ago

Still wondering if it has a "on" light.

TemplarDante1890d ago

lol Godmars, it does.
For the NSA ;)

theWB271890d ago

I for one, will be taking full advantage of Kinect. Snap, simple swipe more reason for someone not to talk to me while I game just in case they alert the zombies in Dead Rising.

One thing I really hope for is developers to take advantage of the built in functionality of scanning our bodies to put into games. Especially the likes of Madden and NBA2k. Would love to have that over the create a player.

Agent_hitman1890d ago

They designed their own chip for X1, the question is, does AMD helped or supervised the full development or they just let MS do all the stuff?..

n4rc1890d ago

Why would amd have anything to do with it?