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CraveOnline writes: "When Payday: The Heist came out in 2011 it surprised many with its implacable effort to deliver a cooperative experience at a friendly price point. The truth is that cooperative games have somehow been lost over time. It’s easy to find a game where you can shoot your friends or try to beat their high score, but how about working together for a common goal? Payday: The Heist was a partial solution to that problem. While it presented difficult scenarios for players to work together to triumph, it was rough around the edges.

Enter Payday 2. Its developer, Overkill Software, promised to attack the shortcomings of the original game to deliver a more refined, but similarly focused cooperative experience. Has it succeeded?"

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TrendyGamers1890d ago

Adding to my list of games I'll never have time to play.

dbjj120881890d ago

Make time. It's a lot of fun if you get a decent crew together and communicate well.

Oaklnd1890d ago

Ive actually been curious about this game since E3. I didn't have a chance to play the first one but want to play 2.

Lou Ferrigno1889d ago

Watched a lot of Beta gameplay videos on YouTube before deciding to buy this.. And actually I ended up pre-ordering it, its that freaking good..
WAY better than the gameplay videos show it.. You have to experience it yourself first hand to understand the sheer awesomeness of this game .. Teamwork or death is how it goes lol.. LOVE IT :)

iceman061889d ago

Played a lot of the first game and I have to say that it is indeed a lot of fun. Some people find it repetitive, and for good reason. There are a limited amount of mission. That being said, it was how you decided to tackle them that gave the enjoyment. IMO, it had the perfect balance of frustration vs. reward and usually the frustration came from teammates getting trapped going solo.
IF you play with a group of friends that just enjoy the game, it can be a blast. Some of the challenges were insane, but still we had a huge amount of fun trying to complete them. I will be getting PayDay 2 tomorrow.