Would Cross-Platform Play be as Awesome as I think it Would?

Cross platform-play is a both exciting and emerging prospect in the video games industry. However, Nintendo Feed's Scott Everly asks the question; Would Cross-Platform Play be as Awesome as I think it Would?

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Lovable2284d ago

Been hoping for something like this. I don't see it happening though. The big three won't cooperate with each other that's for sure.

JimmyHACK2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

It's MS that won't allow it. Sony will, I know it's a nintendo site but doubt they up for it too. I would love this with something like Destiny. I have said several times I wish Activision would just strong-arm them into allowing it. They have the power with COD to make it happen for us gamers. All the extra money changing hands for deals makes then look the other way though.

nooneknows2284d ago

Yeah, Sony allows it, PC players able to play with PS4 players, I think that's seriously awesome.

As for Nintendo, I'm not sure.

MS doesn't allow it at all.

Everly2284d ago

Well a Sony/Nintendo cross over would have more an enough fire power to attract the attention of a lot of gamers.

thomasmiller2284d ago

I just don't think it would work, some good points brought up, but the big three would never go for it.

swice2284d ago

Yes. Since I don't want an Xbox One, I would love to play Destiny from my PS4/PC with my friends that do want an Xbox. Also, multi-plat multiplayer games on Wii U, like COD, would greatly benefit from the established online communities on the other platforms.

_QQ_2284d ago

Well when it comes to FPS games mouse and keyboard PC players would demolish console players.

dcj05242284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Lower the sensitivity so they can't do a instant 180 and boom. Balance. A sluggish low sensitivity shooter like killzone for example wouldn't benefit from a mouse too much

_QQ_2283d ago

Why would pc gamers give up a better aspect of a game to please the console players.Killzone is a terrible example because that game isn't multiplat...

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