Review: Saints Row IV (DarkZero)

"Crazy, insane, nutty, wacky, bizarre, ridiculous and comical are all words that probably came out of your mouth while playing the 2011 extraordinarily absurd Saints Row: The Third. Volition has done wonders to change their approach to Saints Row, which started as a GTA-like gangster game back in 2006. As each sequel released, the series began to gain confidence and grow out of its shell to become its own Identity. Saints Row: The Third was the game to bring the series into the spotlight, splashing its own DNA onto the open-world gameplay and throwing out the rule-book. Volition opted to have a laugh with their series, going the way of comedy and keeping the serious tone down, and no matter what one highly regarded game creator might think, Volition took the step in the right direction and gave us a game that has never heard of the words realism or dull."

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negative2290d ago

Nice! Really considering a purchase.

keyz15792290d ago

Wow I really have to get this game it sounds incredible