Why Gamers Need to Stop Being A-holes to Feminists if They Want to be Happy

A very sad story out of York, Pennsylvania: A 2-year-old girl died after being beaten with a video game controller by her mother's boyfriend.

But there are two important things going on here that gamers need to understand: This sort of "horrific" news story is nothing to be surprised at in a world where women and children are considered "property" to a man, and in a culture that hates and degrades women it's not just the outliers who feel that they are allowed, entitled, and even encourage to physically abuse their partners and children.

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toughNAME3938d ago

Why feminists need to stop being A-holes to Gamers and stfu already it's the 21st century -

The article really has nothing to do with the crime, all she's doing is using an interesting topic to push her beliefs.

Yi-Long3938d ago

... bubbles for you, my man.

It's sadly a trend that's all too common nowadays. People like these jumping on everything that's even remotely related to their own agenda, and abusing it.

You see it with Jack Thompson, who's already brushing his teeth and combing his hair and wearing his 40 dollar suit whenever news reaches him of another kid getting shot somewhere by another kid, just so he can tell America/The World that videogames are the real cause of the murder...

Kakkoii3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Men are dressed in just as skimpy outfits as women in games.. if not skimpier many times.

So why do girls make a big deal? There the ones that cause these issue by putting such a deal on how they look in games. If they stopped caring, everyone else would also lol.

Guys don't care how guys are objectified. So girls need to stop caring also.

fenderputty3938d ago

she was clearly in an abusive relationship. She also clearly cared for her life more so then her child's for whatever reason that might be. What type of woman lives with a man like that? A battered and self hated one. I'm sure that's not the first time he's raised his hand at a woman or child. I'm sure this wasn't the first time his hand held an object as well. I'm also sure he's not going to get the chance to do this again. I hope he's anally abused in prison by a man named Bubba.

BeaArthur3938d ago

toughNAME...couldn't agree more, this is just as dumb as blaming video games for violent crimes. He could have just as easily beat her to death with a vase or a remote control from a TV or something else.

BeaArthur3938d ago make a good point, but at the same time it has nothing to do with video games. We don't know what he was doing when he snapped (or whatever happened). Hell, for all we know the controller or game system wasn't even his. Again, the controller just happened to be the instrument.

sonarus3938d ago

@weakName lol i thought you had given up on serious posts

Spinner3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Yeah, it's always men and gamers who commit violence.

"April 9th, 2008: This is the video of the Myspace chick getting lured into a house and brutally beaten by six cheerleaders. This girl was hospitalized and all six girls including two guys who were lookouts have been arrested in Florida."

Hatchetforce3938d ago

The writer and that entire site think the word female is synonomous with the word feminist...and it isn't. According to the title of the article the concern is not being a-holes to feminists. While I don't think you should hit a feminist most of them are jerks. The exception is if a feminist strikes you first. Then under that circumstance give her all the equality she demands and clean her clock.

As for women/females that is a different subject entirely.

fenderputty3938d ago

She states clearly that video games had nothing to do with this. She states that, "‘misogyny,’ ’sexism,’ and ‘patriarchy’" were to blame but that sadly gaming will be the scapegoat since we can't admit what the real issue is.

BeaArthur3938d ago

fenderputty...that was my point. I don't even know why this is on here. Since when has N4G become a soap box for random blogs for off topic subjects?

fenderputty3938d ago

I know I would rather see an article like this then an article placing blame on gaming wouldn't you? At least this girl is attempting to rationalize what happened without placing blame on the easiest scapegoat there is.

XBOX 3603938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

lol "feminist equality" = all men being tied down by the balls in front of their female masters.

"Wow. You notice all of those feminist women are overweight and unattractive? Judging by some of the hairstyles and clothing, many are most likely butch lesbians. Is feminism a way for many unattractive women to vent their anger over the fact that many men wouldn't want them?

How come you rarely, if ever, see man-hating feminists that are beautiful?"


Ghoul3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I totally agree with fenderputty

he mostly said my point so no need to add more to it, but im again shocked about some of you guys responses about this.


are you sane ???

no matter what religion could you please stop making such posts and advertising religions here ???

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Yi-Long3938d ago

Incredible that in an eductated country, where every woman has the opportunity for education and free press etc, one can still be so ignorant.

NO-ONE is this society is 'encouraged' to abuse children and women. No-one.

...although, anyone with a brain like the writer of this piece-of-crap article, would probably benefit from a few smacks to the head. Maybe wake up some dead braincells that way.

The guy who killed the kid is just a selfish bastard, an A-hole, a really REALLY bad guy. And there are LOTS of bad guys in the world, just as there are lots of bad women in the world (you can also find LOTS of articles of women killing their own kids, kidnapping other people's kids, etc etc)

These 'feminists' need to quit their whining about stuff that ISNT correct, and maybe try to earn some respect about talking about the REAL problems, with a REALISTIC view on our society.

fenderputty3938d ago

"glass ceiling" still exist today in America for not only woman but for minorities as well. America has come along way for social freedoms and equalities but, it's not perfect like you seem to think. The mother was with an abusive man. It's pretty clear since she made no effort to save her own skin. She's probably got the battered woman syndrome. This writer makes a valid point. Go study some sociology classes or something and educate yourself before acting like you know something.

Yi-Long3938d ago


Didnt I just write a post that these feminists should focus on the REAL problems!?

The 'glass ceiling' IS a real problem. I'm not denying that anywhere. In fact, I say women/feminists (and actually, everyone in our society) should focus on problems like that, instead of making BS problems up where there are none.

Yeah, our society is still unfair against women and minorities. No, BS articles like these dont help fix those problems, and in fact divert the attention AWAY from those real problems. They're counter-productive, and actually make feminists look like idiots.

We should put our focus on the REAL existing problems, so we can fix them, instead of this farfetched BS.

Really hope I made myself clear this time.

fenderputty3938d ago

Is a real problem. Woman getting involved with abusive men because they think negativity is the only real emotion that can be felt is a problem. Abusive relationships are a problem. A man beating a child's head in while the mother does nothing out of fear for her own skin is a problem. What part of those problems don't sound real to you?

Yi-Long3938d ago

... yet she searches the cause for it in the wrong direction, and she's fingerpointing and accusing and making wild accusations and pretending all this whole evil man-ruled world is out to get women and kids and beat them up and surpress them. That's not the truth. We are NOT encouraged to beat up women and kids in ANY way.
So although she's talking about real problems, she isnt being honest about the causes, as she's more obsessed about this evil men that are out to get her and thechildren ('ooooww always the children')

She's being a populist sexist.

Weefz3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Yeah... talking about smacking her around the head is the way to disprove her point that "casual" violence is allowed to slide in society, right?

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InYourMom3938d ago

just look at this place. I've never had a larger group of people I'd like to meet in person and beat the hell out of.. lol

It's nothing specific against women.

games4fun3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

only an idiot would try to fight a group of people in real life by himself the odds would be about 300 to 1 not very good possibility of you even getting out alive lol

jk :) just being an a-hole

on topic: i understand that women are sometimes misrepresented in video games this should be a cry for stores to enforce the rating system people put on games but dont blame games for society's ills

talk about being stuck in the past with your own form of ignorance the writer should take a look in the mirror just because your bashing men verbally its ok for you?
The women in question should have left the relationship she was in imo who stays with an abusive person? its both the fault of the abuser and the fault of the victim for allowing themselves to be so easily victimized? The author blames society and men in general but doesnt have the women in question take any responsibility both need to be fixed.

Mr_Bun3938d ago

It's ignorant feminists like her that are able to bring PS3 and XBox fanboys together!

fenderputty3938d ago

when you clearly have no idea what the hell your talking about.

Mr_Bun3938d ago Show
bigman73873938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

PorkSword, shutup

I understand (or at least i hope) ur trying to be funny and sarcastic, but you're pushing it

Mr_Bun3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Nice one, really pwned me!

Nevermind...I just saw that you updated your comment more than "Shut up"

ps. Wash My Dishes!!!

Ghoul3938d ago

- bubble


move along please your not funny....

fenderputty3938d ago

but I'm still reporting you as offensive. I'm ashamed males like you still exist.

Ghoul3938d ago

btw i find it incredibly ignorant how you "boys" call a feministic woman to be "a man hating selfish ignorant trying to supress the manworld"

wtf is wrong with you, either you guys are all blind, sexistic or jsut enjoying your manhood so much you just dont see it.

im a man but i honestly would call myself a lil feministic since this "wester" world is one huge man-supressing-woman system. Woman are underpaid, oppressed, not taken serious, sexual objects or just "girls". And tbh looking at most games we gotta admit that nearly 90% of the female characters are hyper sexualised.

i know i know i get a lot of disagrees.

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