Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Has “Only” 627 Preorders in Europe So Far. It Needs 1800

A few weeks ago the European publisher Ghostlight opened the preorder campaign for the lovely Nintendo DS JRPG by Atlus Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2. Unfortunately due to lack of retailer interest, they had rely on preorders themselves in order to be able to print and distribute the game. The number of preorders needed to achieve the goal is 1800.

Ghostlight’s Ross Brierley just sent in an update on the numbers.

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Carheadbutt2290d ago

Would be a shame to see it fail

Abriael2290d ago

Yeah, Devil Survivor 2 is one of the best JRPGs on the DS. I expected more since the anime series just aired...

TongkatAli2289d ago

627, this is too sad to even laugh out. The 3DS install base is so huge, wow. It doesn't even have to be huge to get over 700 PREORDERS!

Wtf ?

dedicatedtogamers2289d ago

A better solution is rather simple.

Stop region-locking your games and your systems, Nintendo. There's a thriving import market that I'm sure Europeans would take advantage of is NA versions of games were playable on EU hardware.

Neckbear2289d ago

DS games aren't region-locked. This is a DS game. Most europeans that were interested in this have already played it. This explains these numbers.

ajames3472290d ago

Man I feel bad for the European fans that actually pre-ordered the game.

So far it seems that the rest of them who constantly clamor online for Atlus game releases in Europe can't put their money where their mouth is.

Abriael2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Well, if it doesn't go through they're gonna get refunded at least.

And yeah, it's funny, because everyone complains that Atlus USA doesn't release around here, but when they get it, they don't buy it.

ajames3472290d ago

Yeah at least no one's will loss money if it falls through.

Seriously, and they also don't realize why it takes longer for games to get over there (besides lack of support): because Atlus USA doesn't have the money to set up a European branch and instead has to basically send American copies there.

Menchi2289d ago

To be fair, I'm not preordering it, mainly due to the fact there's been an "enhanced port" for the 3DS announced.

The game has been out for well over two years now, and released in English in the US over a year and a half ago, anyone who was massively interested in it, has most likely already imported it, or are waiting for the enhanced 3DS release.

ajames3472289d ago

That's an excellent point too and is definitely contributing to the low numbers.

But there has been a lot of people online complaining about a release of that game in Europe, which is why Atlus decided to go down this avenue in the first place.

exfatal2289d ago

that or there are only like 700 people who are actually vocal about devil survivor 2. its a damn shame though this game is great and Europeans deserve this game

RTheRebel2289d ago

Needs to be a shooter or FPS in order to sale in EU, other than that EU is a lost cause.

Information Minister2289d ago

#1 - An FPS is also a shooter, so your words are redundant.

#2 - The correct way to write it is "in order to sell in the EU".

#3 - You're not European, are you? Unless FIFA and Gran Turismo include a hidden rocket launcher mode that I don't know about. Wait a minute, Sim City... with rocket launchers! I may be on to something here.

TongkatAli2289d ago

@ Menchi no. How the f are you going to import with a region locked system. You're telling me a system that sells really good in Europe can't get that many preorders ?

This is pathetic.

Menchi2289d ago

This isn't being released on 3DS, it is an original DS title, which is very late to the party. The original DS wasn't in any way region locked.

contradictory2289d ago

what the....???
have i traveled through time or something...?
i live in europe and this game has been available for a while this just in some european countries or something?

i can't be crazy....i've played Devil Survivor 2 before...

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