Ubisoft Shows the Wii U GamePad Advantage in Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Hardcore Gamer: A near ten minute video was released today that shows all the advantages of the GamePad, whether it be item management, using night vision, a view scope and more.

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Neonridr2279d ago

Some cool features added to the Wii U version. No game changers, but it's only natural for things like the Snake Cam and the Tri-Rotor to be used with the Wii U Gamepad. Seems like a perfect fit for those things.

starchild2279d ago

Yeah, pretty cool stuff. And the Wii U version looks better than the 360 and PS3 least it doesn't have that awful screen tear those versions have.

Neonridr2279d ago

Although there is a lack of screen tearing, apparently the framerate studders a bit here and there. Can't confirm that however, but I believe that's what IGN said in their review.

JohnS13132279d ago

The Vita can do that and even better.

BullyMangler2279d ago

ah ha haa . the Vita dsn't even rumbLe and the vita has comfort issues . far away with the vita heh haaa

and yes, the vita can still pull off what the game-pad can do, watered down . . ha haaa sony copy copy copy .

TheEnigma3132279d ago

That's actually pretty cool. I would probably get it for wii u if I had one.

TheEnigma3132279d ago

I will as soon as I get a few bucks. I have a new baby :(

thomasmiller2279d ago

yes the wii u is going to have advantages, and as far as the vita goes.. ubisoft said they could not get ray man legends controls on the vita, they said they have to cut stuff out, because the vita cannot do everything the wii u version can... so what makes you think the vita can do it better with splinter cell? just fanboy talk, that's all it is, well what ever helps you sleep at night sparkey!!!

Ju2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

That's not the point. He isn't saying "run the game on the Vita" the second screen on the Vita. That would be possible. Unfortunately with a PS3 combo the Vita needs to run a client side engine, on the PS4 it could stream the same way the WiiU does.

None the less. This actually looks quite fun on the WiiU. Probably the best version.