Could GTA Online Come To The Next-Gen?

An argument for the possibility of Grand Theft Auto Online coming to next-generation consoles.

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user74029311893d ago

im sure ps4 will get it at a later date.

thewildbeard1893d ago

I hope so. I'd love to see what they could do.

user74029311893d ago

better shading, better textures, more fps is my guess

1893d ago
Wizziokid1893d ago

Don't see why not?

I just hope they expand the player limit in the open world if it does

porkChop1893d ago

Yeah, if they could get 32 or 64 players that would be awesome.

Wizziokid1893d ago

Depending on how big the map is it could be even bigger I mean Planetside 2 has 2000 but those maps are huge