Anger over 'rape scene' in Hotline Miami 2

CVG: "Sequel adds sexual violence to enforce its themes, but critics oppose the measure."

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ABeastNamedTariq2283d ago

Wait, so... Murder is okay, but when rape (which sometimes goes hand in hand with murder) enters the equation everyone loses their minds? I understand it's a little uncomfortable because you're the protagonist, but come on.




Gone? Okay, so what about the attempted rape of Ellie? It was more implied than anything, but still. We knew he was going there. Where's the controversy over that? The man was going to rape and cut her into little pieces!

This is almost as dumb as the Tomb Raider "rape" scene. The f**kery amazes me.

-Gespenst-2283d ago

Murder's not okay. People playing videogames just don't seem to notice that because they've been so brainwashed by an industry whose products have come to be associated quite strongly with ultra-violence.

I think however, with Hotline Miami 2, the rape scene actually points to the hyperreality of videogame violence. It's trying to showing how far it is from reality. The inclusion of the "cut" by the director kind of emphasises this. This is a performance that can never match the complexity of reality. The first Hotline Miami had similar themes. It made question what we take as somehow representative of reality from videogames; and we DO do this. People don't realise it, but from all forms of media they take lessons and subliminal cues about how to behave and how to understand reality, regardless of the actual unreality of the piece of media.

The issue for me really is that Hotline Miami probably went over most gamers' heads, and they just enjoyed it as a fetishised ultra-violent gore-fest, not a critique of the cultural realities that videogames can foster. The same applies here. How many people are going to come out of this with the wrong impressions? The HM guys need to make sure the message they want to communicate is loud and clear I think. They're dealing with a pretty stupid demographic.

Bottom-line, if they're going to glorify rape alongside violence, they had best have a pretty good reason for doing it that doesn't involve ACTUALLY glorifying either of those things. As it stands, this scene in HM2 could all to easily be misconstrued, and could contribute to videogames becoming even more amoral, tasteless, juvenile, stupid and irreverent than they already are (well, mostly AAA games. HM clearly isn't a AAA game, and is certainly more sophisticated in a lot of ways, but it needs to make sure it doesn't blend in TOO well with all the dumb crap that's out there)

ifritAlkhemyst2283d ago

The same can be said of any film or book as well that covers these issues. Developers cannot help it if the users are idiots.

-Gespenst-2283d ago

The difference is that films and books have been around longer and have had a longer time to temper any idiocy. The big blockbuster films we see in cinemas every month are no different the the juvenile garbage that the AAA companies churn out. Indie games are slowly establishing a more respectible and sophisticated niche in gaming, much like films and books have so concretely done over the course of their existence. Games are still by and large stupid. The ratio of stupid to smart games is a pretty asymmetrical one. As it stands, most videogames are unable to handle any mature subject with sensitivity, sophistication, and consideration.

Maybe just read my blog from a while back:

JC_Denton2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

It could be in relation to the fact that Hotline Miami's themes were akin to those of a teenage Drive-fanfiction. The Last of Us is (in my and many others opinion) one of the only games in existense that deserves to be taken seriously by fans of the medium, and handled the attempted rape of Ellie incredibly well, despite the fact that the writers cleary had to write around it. I highly doubt that the creator of HM2 used the rape for anything other than shock value, and it also sounds like it is used as the punchline of a joke.

-Gespenst-2283d ago

"I highly doubt that the creator of this game used the rape for anything other than shock value, and it also sounds like it is used as the punchline of a joke."

Yeah, the appropriateness of the critics' outrage hinges over this. If this is true, then seriously, fuck this game. However, I'm not entirely sure it is true...

JC_Denton2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Neither am I. I'm basing that statement on what I read in the article.

I should also point out that I agree that the rape scene could be being used to reinforce the games messages about video game violence, but it appears to be handled incredibly poorly, and is unnescessary due to the fact that all of those messages were played out to their full extent in Hotline Miami 1.

ZombieGamerMan2283d ago

@ -Gespenst- that's stupid man, its ok to have tons of violent killing but rape is out of the question which isn't even close to be as bad murder.

Regardless if its their for shock or as a message they shouldn't be discouraged in adding it if we are okay with them having the other stuff in as well.

Dark_Overlord2283d ago

If it fits in with the game I don't see a problem, movies have them, books have them, hell even terrestrial TV shows programs involving it. As long as its within the context of the game then thats fine with me.

You have a choice whether to play it

ifritAlkhemyst2283d ago

Please don't delete it from the game just because a small minority of patsies are crying about this.

BabyTownFrolics2283d ago

its fine that people are angry, people get angry all the time about all types of sh$t. Here on N4G folks get more pissed off about someone putting down their console of choice than they do about rape or murder. As long as it does not lead to censorship let them get angry.