Killer is Dead: Heavy on the Action, Light on the Plot | Kotaku

Kotaku: "Running through a dark heavy world, wielding a katana and cybernetic arm, and battling shadowy twisted freaks. You are Mondo Zappa, executioner for the Bryan Execution Firm, out to kill criminals and assassins. Welcome to the world of Killer is Dead, the latest game from the mind of Suda 51. The game is currently scheduled for release in the US on August 27th and Europe on August 30th, but here in Japan, the game is already out (one of the few things we actually got earlier over here… Meanwhile, I still have to wait until next week to see Star Trek: Into Darkness) so here is a look at what the game has in store."

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What you see is what you get.

Will be getting the game because it's a Goichi "Suda51" game, plus loving the overall look of the characters/background art design.

Just by watching the game play demos, plot is definitely *not the first thing on my mind but it is there somewhere..