GameSpy: Fallout 3 Preview

The Fallout series is iconic, storied, and means a lot to a lot of people. The team at Bethesda, thus far, has seemed cautious about the liberties it takes with the series' basic elements but more than willing to stick to its guns in regards to bringing it to the modern age. The game's big reveal went down almost a year ago -- more than long enough to assuage the misgivings of (sober) would-be critics.

Gamespy know Bethesda is probably on the right track. They just want to play it already, especially after a recent visit in which the developer showed off a few scattered bits and pieces of Fallout 3.

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kingme713844d ago

That was like deja vu all over again with IGN's report covering the exact same ground.

MK_Red3844d ago

"Social aspects of the game have thus far been underemphasized."

WTF!? Damn you Bethesda... Fallout fans begged you to not forget about the social parts of Fallout and you promised a lot of deep dialogue trees and stuff...
Seriously weak.

Captain Tuttle3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Lame. It sounds like it's heading towards Fallout in name only.

And The Fatman has to go.