You Like That Game? Ugh, You Are Such a Fanboy

The term "fanboy" can start flame wars on even the most innocent of forum discussions.

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andrewer1890d ago

Yeah I like Nintendo games, and that's a pretty easy thing to happen, but doesn't matter, you and only you need to like the game, not the others...

creatchee1890d ago

A fan is somebody who loves their console or game of choice.

A fanboy, as I and many people use it in a video games sense, is somebody who thinks that their console or game of choice is perfect in every way and above reproach. However, console and game fanboys also go out of their way to disparage the competition and anybody who supports it.

To sum, fans love their consoles, fanboys hate their consoles' competition.

BabyTownFrolics1890d ago

anyone remember n4g back in the day where there were two different zones. One for reasonable conversation that was heavily moderated and one for fanboys. I miss those days.

dcj05241890d ago

They REALLY should bring that back!!

iceman061889d ago

Wow!!! I totally forgot about that. I remember people being banished to the troll zone and announcing that they were "changed"...only to be banished again. Those were the days.

deathstriker1890d ago

When talking about other mediums like comics, movies, and TV "fanboy" doesn't seem to be used in a derogatory way for the most part. In video games it's an insult, and it's usually about platforms/systems, not liking a certain game... at least from my experience.

Whitey2k1890d ago

If there was no such thing as fanboys then console wars would be boring as hell thats y we need fanboys think to yourself as if u was in the army you fight for your country and thats what fanboys do they fight for what they love and always enjoyed

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