Microsoft's Slow Response To Xbox Harassment Leaves One Woman Stunned

The story is sad yet familiar: Last month, Jenny Haniver was playing Call of Duty online when another player started saying some nasty things.

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Maddens Raiders2279d ago

Unfortunately, I believe MS is too busy responding to other things atm. Hopefully they'll have time to respond to her concerns in the near term, but I doubt it.

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Crazyglues2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

You can't be serious right now, I think MS has better things to do then explain to people that this is the internet... I mean really

What exactly should MS do... track down the idiot and what?, prosecute him for being a complete idiot and having very low brain cells...

The dude is an idiot, no question, but in-case this is your first time playing on the xboxLive service, that's actually really mild compared to what I hear on there everyday, also there is a little feature called block user...

I mean come on' what are we twelve...? Someone says something stupid to you, you report and then you hit block user... then you go on with your day..

how silly are we getting, what's next you just start doing whatever someone tells you to do online-

||.........___||............ ||

ABizzel12279d ago

People shouldn't have to deal with ignorance, no matter where it is. He's a disrespectful piece of $#!%, and I can guarantee he wouldn't have said it in a public area.

M$ needs to get this under control the best they can, XBL is full of sexist, racism, and all things derogatory and they need to crack down, especially if someone is sending you messages and you report it. It shouldn't take weeks. MS and Sony need to make sure reporting this kind of behavior is better handled with the PS4 and XB1.

rainslacker2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

When everyone accepts something as the norm, it becomes a norm.

I don't know where you live, but I've never heard at any point in my life the kind of hate, ignorance, or immature idiocy that I can hear in one hour online, or even just reading on N4G. Probably not even all my life combined could match 1 hour of online.

It isn't normal. And it shouldn't be accepted.

Sure, we can just ignore it, but shouldn't we actually demand better? Too many people on the internet have no standards for themselves, or for others except when they feel they've personally been wronged...and then they expect everyone to understand their reasons.

Hypocrisy at it's finest. One word that gets thrown around here constantly, yet so many people can't see it in themselves because they're willing to accept the status quo.

No I believe all these idiots that ruin it for everyone else should be called out and disciplined. Lack of discipline is the reason these things happen, and it's a systemic problem with our society as a whole, because we just accept it as the norm, and are too damn lazy to speak out against it. People, including those that just allow it to happen, need to be held accountable, but very few people want to take responsibility for anything when the spotlight is on them.

Ignore it and it'll go away...that's your message in a nutshell. Seems like that hasn't worked since I first got on the internet over 20 years ago...back before there was a world wide web.

slimpickens2279d ago

Frack that! At the movies you now get kicked out for talking or texts because you're disturbing paying customers. This same rule should apply for XB0x live since it's apparently a payed unique service. I was on live once and overheard a guy picking on another so bad to where we believed he was about to kill himself. MS simply needs to ban IP addresses and start teaching discipline which is apparently whats missing in these homes of menace users.

CommonSense2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

"People shouldn't have to deal with ignorance"

yeah...well welcome to the real world. You are going to have to learn to deal with it or you can just be a victim your whole life.

You don't get cancer from being offended. You don't wake up the next day with a broken leg from being offended.

Get some thicker skin and learn to deal with it in whatever way you can that doesn't involve blaming a third party for somebody else's actions. MS gave us the ability to block, mute, and report. That's plenty.

I'm so sick of this entitled, victim, pc society.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2279d ago

And she did what any normal person would of done right away right? And muted them and left them bad feedback and ignore them right!??!?!?!?

Gamer Muzz2279d ago

Seriously people!
This guy didn't break the law or anything. Was he a Jerk? ABSOLUTELY! but he has the right to be obscene as much as anyone else does.

I have to ask.
Did she COMPLETELY FAIL to see the ESRB alert when she booted up the game?
"Online interactions are not rated."

Let me tell you all something right here and now.
If those morons from the Westboro Baptist Church get to say the horrible, hurtful, and shameful, things they say while protesting the funeral of an American soldier, under the blanket of free speech, then This guy should be protected as well. Period. He spoke his mind and he has that right.

IMO, he shouldn't be banned at all. that's why we can block people. The "Rep" system will be an added bonus to the new live, but seriously. No one deserves special treatment and if you don't like what people say online (that includes PC and PS4 as well) then don't play with strangers. (I play my online games with people from my friends list only)

She should have blocked the guy and moved on.
Question: Why is she so special that when SHE doesn't like someone they should be banned or suspended?
Answer: Shes Not.

MsMcClever2279d ago

Those people can say what they want in an open forum, but XBL isn't an open forum. They charge people to be able to connect to their service, so their customers should have a basic right to not be verbally assaulted every time they join a match. Also, if the person was threatening her with bodily harm, he was breaking the law, not "speaking his mind".

RavageX2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

If I am going to pay for a service, I expect it. I would not pay(and don't) for a service where verbal abuse and harassment is allowed and you are simply expected to ignore it.

You act like that and there is proof, your account should be banned. No if's, and's or but's.

You can act a certain way, but that doesn't mean there aren't consequences. You might get beat down, fired, even killed. You opened your mouth to say stupid things to someone, you take that chance.

The people defending this guy are probably the very ones that act in a similar manner.

rainslacker2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

You are bound by MS terms of service. Here is their page regarding their code of conduct online

This isn't a free speech issue. You sign away your right to free speech on the service when you sign up. It's in the Terms of Service.

Just because there is an ESRB warning, that doesn't mean that people are allowed to be abusive. 1st amendment free speech doesn't even cover abuse or harassment. There are laws that explicitly say so.

It's the same on here. When you sign up, you can be banned for being abusive to other members. You explicitly agree to it when you clicked that little check box.

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Anon19742279d ago

"Seriously people! This guy didn't break the law or anything."

Of course he broke the law. Threatening someone with rape or violence is absolutely against the law. Doesn't matter if they don't mean it, if it's in person, online, over the phone..what he did couldn't be more illegal.

How can people not know this?

Angeljuice2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Speaking from personal experience, all you have to do to provoke these imbeciles is be black, sound black or be female. Honestly, if you defend this crap you're as bad as them.

Gamer Muzz2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

You're wrong. Threatening to commit assault is illegal ONLY IF it is accompanied by the apparent ability to carry out the threat.
The user on XBL making threats does not have the ability to follow through with them unless they personally know the person they're speaking too. These treats were made by a guy who did not personally know this woman, and that was not capable of getting her personal information. He could not carry out his threats and therefore, did NOT break the law.

I never said he didn't break the TOS. I said he didn't break the law. IMO, people should expect this because it's a sad fact of online gaming. People are jerks. Boo Hoo. If you don't like it, then just game with people on your friends list. That way you know they wont be nasty.
I don't see why people get banned when we have a system for totally blocking them and it's as easy as pushing a button.

You'd be wrong. I've never spoken like that to someone online. Making accusations based on some narrow minded assumptions on your part is nothing short of ignorant.

As for the rest of it.
As I said, that's why we have the ability to block people.
If she thinks shes so special, then she should be patient and not whine about MS not acting swiftly enough, because as we all know, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS ONLINE. not just to women, not just to people of other race, gender, Sexual orientation, ETC. But to everyone! and there's so much of it, I'm sure it takes ages to get every case handled. She's no more special than anyone else no matter what she may think.
it's happened to me too. But I just block and move on. I'm an adult, I don't need to cry like a 6 year old with hurt feelings.

I also consider that we don't know what she said to him at all. She could have been a prick too while they were in game. We don't know. I've heard females on XBL talking smack just like the guys do.

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BallsEye2279d ago

Only in America. Place where it's cool to call girls b!tches. Place where a dude sings he cannot find a better word than "sexy B!tch" to describe a girl without being disrespectful is being played atleast 20 times a day in every major radio channel.

Gozer2279d ago

I dont know where you got the idea, but its not cool to call women bitches in America. Call an american woman bitch and see how long it takes you before you are slapped. Rap makes it seem cool, but rap is a fantasy land. Call a woman a bitch in Tennessee, you will be lucky to escape with your teeth.

JsonHenry2279d ago

You can mute them, block, and remove them from your friends list. If it takes MORE than one of those options you should probably take out a restraining order. NOT blame MS for a "slow response".

slimpickens2279d ago

"Slow response?" Hell what response? MS isn't doing anything but pretending there is nothing they can do. I don't even understand the point of muting after the person being an idiot has already said things to tick you off and even scar young ones.

JsonHenry2278d ago

As I said- if it takes more than a simple mute/block then call the police. Not MS.

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Blaze9292279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

lol look at kotaku reporting about something no one cares about. Don't act like you all care one bit.

This female is mad because no one gave her personal attention? Well...that's new.

What you do all expect, Microsoft to answer every complaint? It's the internet. Report, block, move on. What did you want, an apology?

She wants this user punished like she is some sort of queen or something ha. And you all are falling for that sympathy why?

slimpickens2279d ago

I disagree and yes this does bother me. The problem is MS does nothing no matter what you report which is insulting since we are paying for this service. Why you would attack her for trying to get something done about about an everyday problem is beyond me. Sure the negative Xbox news is a bad thing but this is something that needs attention.

Blaze9292278d ago

blah blah blah - that's all I hear. Tomorrow we will all wake up, and still - not care.

StoutBEER2279d ago

Take you're headset off or mute the guy! Im pretty sure if i walked up and started jackin it in front of her shed leave. I don't mean to sound incencitive but really? Top story? WTF is wrong with n4g lately!?

StoutBEER2279d ago

BS shin. I constantly use it to congratulate someone on what i thought was good teamwork, tell them there server is awesome on Battlefield 3, or just tell them there gamertag is awesome. I got called a fag on PS3 CoD 4 a LONG time ago. Its not the console its the games/ game community. This is not only expected, its seen every minute of every day on CoD. Just a fact.

Skizelli2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

@Maddens Raiders

That's not how it works. Microsoft employees people whose job is to investigate these reports and act accordingly. They're basically moderators of the service.

I'm not taking any sides, but I find it hard to believe she was innocent in the matter. It takes two to tango. In my experience, girls on there are either bitchy or silent. I guess they have to be with all the little boys on there giving them a hard time. She should've muted him from the start. That's what it's there for. Everyone knows COD diehards have nothing intelligent to say. Ever. It comes with the territory.

That being said, he definitely deserves to be banned for making such comments. That's basically a threat.

sorceror1712278d ago

"I guess they have to be with all the little boys on there giving them a hard time."

That's the point. You don't have to "tango", you just have to show up and not be male.

Go ahead. Set up an account that claims to be female, get a girl to speak through your headset. Play exactly the same as you usually do. See how you get treated...

Skizelli2278d ago

I'm not arguing the fact that women take a lot of crap from idiots online. But again, that's what the mute option is for. It's not difficult to use unless you like arguing with people. It sounds to me like she's just as guilty. Case in point: The article states he sent her a text message followed by a voice message. Why didn't she block all communications with him after the first message? I can tell you why: Because it takes two to tango. If a scrub sends you a text message, you're pretty much forced to read it. If they send you a voice message, however, nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to listen to it. I sure as hell don't.

Psn8002278d ago

That is one of the reasons I gave up playing on Xbox live & went over to Playstation & people say why don't you turn the volume down & I'd say why should I gamers should be civil to one another banter yeah but harassment no way that was just a nasty piece of work he should be banned for life .

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Ksar2279d ago

Unfortunately, things like that happen every day.

zeal0us2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

She's playing CoD ffs what did she expect?

Calm down you're taking what I said too seriously. The CoD community has one of the worst reputation in the game industry. It is filled with bro gamers who have little respect for each other much less a female gamer.

If she wants to enjoy her game without being harassed I would recommend her to change to a different game with a friendlier community. Honestly given the CoD community she's bound to encounter a similar event.

You can't change the way people act far as online gaming goes.

inveni02279d ago

She expected to be able to enjoy a game like everyone else, that's what she expected. With your mentality, women shouldn't walk past construction sites because the workers will whistle and say gross things. In reality, they should be allowed to walk wherever they'd like, and the men who make it so they can't should be reprimanded.

DragonKnight2279d ago

@inveni0: zeal0us makes a legitimate point though. In CoD everyone is a target. There comes a point where you have to accept that.

But I also agree with you, and based on what PHATDOG said, he went too far and deserved to be reported.

I love how CoD players, not all mind you, have this idea that because they did well in a CoD game that they are somehow something big and important. Can't wait for life to smack people like that upside the head with a 2x4.

Baka-akaB2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

"She expected to be able to enjoy a game like everyone else"

Well she is getting insulted LIKE EVERYONE ELSE . It's not gender specific overall , it's an idiotic mindset where you'll get harassed or insulted whatever gender or ethnicity you belong to , by a minority , but still huge quantity of idiots .

So she is completely right to complain about it , but others are right to when they advise to change games and avoid the dregs of online gaming .

I agree with one of the kotaku posters however when he says :

"Microsoft (and soon Sony mind you) - You expect people to pay for your service? Than you need to MONITOR your service, so they can play without being hassled."

And by that i mean actually monitoring stuff . Not pushing some agenda about using real IDs as proposed in the past . Real IDs dont work , people have been using them for ages on social networks without acting any differently

cyclindk2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Yeah holy crackers... if anything they should include a disclaimer with COD preparing people for the online community there, but I really think some sort of player rating system would go a long way to fashioning a community where "like-rated" persons can interact and play together without much chance of running into total a$$holes 24/7. Though dividing one's gameplay community can have its own consequences especially concerning online arenas.

HiddenMission2279d ago


So I guess you hadn't heard yet but now all the address info about your FB account can be pulled up easily with google so if your console and online ID is connected to your FB account then shit could get real.

Think of it this way you talk trash to a random person in a match, that person then looks up your ID and sees it connected to FB. If that person lives in your city then they can drive over to your front door and cause a real issue for you.

Do you see why real ID's will help to curb some not all but some of this bad behavior. People like their gaming and social experiences connected so it's just a matter of time before people learn you can't conduct yourself like A holes.

The funny thing is this already happened in New York last year I believe.

Baka-akaB2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )


In reality it doesnt work like that , most times . In the real world those people are either too dumb to consider that , or feel no one is going to bother tracking them down with a lawsuit or physical harm .

Wich means that no it hasnt been a deterrent so far . People are as rude and insulting with their real identities on Facebook and the like of twitters than within the confine of being anonymous .

Wich is why i hate it when company hide behind Real IDs concepts as a way to escape doing their job better , that is to properly control and punish offenders . Maybe it will change , but right now when those companies mention those , it's a cop out .

Again i reminding folks that it's an actual paid service , not the free wild internet

StoutBEER2279d ago

Damn it. Should have read you're comment before posting mine. (:

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kewlkat0072279d ago

"Unfortunately, things like that happen every day." does...

insomnium22279d ago

Doesn't mean I wouldn't still want to have a "chat" with this guy face to face no matter how common it is. I'd let my fists do the talking.

Rimeskeem2279d ago

and sadly multiple times a day to sometimes the same person

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pacostacos2279d ago

this is why im always in party chat when playing mp games