First Criminal Girls INVITATION Info, Screenshots and Artwork will Make the Pundits Cry

Nippon Ichi Officially unveiled it's PS Vita "girl punishing" JRPG Criminal Girls INVITATION with a lot of info, screenshots and artwork.

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r212288d ago

Mechanics sounds interesting, to say the least. Also highly doubtful this game will ever be localized.

Abriael2288d ago

Ya never know, It's nippon ichi after all :D

r212287d ago

True. Heck, even a game like Senran Kagura Burst for 3DS is being localized...maybe there is a chance in the far future.

MrTrololo2288d ago

What with developer put sexual themes into their games nowaday ? It seems like this game is desperate to sell so they put dam porno into the game

Abriael2288d ago

Or maybe they just make games for people with different tastes. This game came out originally for PSP in 2010 so it's not "nowadays" and Nippon Ichi is not exactly a developer that does it often.

So yeah, true to your name.

pabadamus12288d ago

WOW! Just wow. There sure are some cultural differences between Japan and Western countries. I will not judge their tastes nor what they deem appropriate. I personally do not understand the appeal.

Abriael2288d ago

The difference is not SO big if you think deeply about it, BDSM is not something unknown in the west (it's actually just as common as it is in Japan, or more), and it's pretty much what this game is based on.

The real difference is that they just don't have problems making games on it out in the open.

pabadamus12288d ago

You are correct. I was making commentary on the use of such subject matter in gaming. We usually do not see such themes coming out of western dev studios. It is usually about killing and violence. Lol. Also, I was a bit taken aback by how juvenile the characters appear. I don't think the article details the ages but I would assume they are of appropriate representative age. I am always wary of the objectification of "minors".

Again, I am not judging Japan's culture. I am just voicing my internal reactions.

Abriael2288d ago

Their age wasn't specified at all in the press release actually, but it's just a matter of art style.

tubers2287d ago

Power through dominance with sexual context.

Still can't understand?

CrossingEden2288d ago

"The game is officially defined a “Girl Punishment RPG”, and that’s why I left that disclaimer you read just above. It’s a JRPG…about punishing girls."
-_- Um, no, just no, now THIS game I can't wait to be swept under the rug of triple A gaming and to be forgotten. Sorry but I don't wanna touch and punish little girls and I shudder to think about the people who actually DO wanna do this messed up nonsense.

Abriael2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Of course had to expect the trolling comment from "I have absolutely no respect for other cultures" CrossingEden.

CrossingEden2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Why do people who know for a fact that I have them ignored and that I WON'T read what they have to say still reply to me? Some people really need better things to do in their free time. Same guy replied to everyone who thinks this game is disgusting, it's ridiculous because this game IS disgusting and should be swept under the rug while good innovative games that do new things need to get sales.

BlaqMagiq242287d ago

And yet you keep coming on here trolling almost every JRPG article as if your opinion matters the most. How pathetic.

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